Criminal Justice FAQ

Can You Get a Criminal Justice Degree With Only a GED?

Studying Criminal Justice With a GED For students who did not receive a high school diploma, earning a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) can be the first step in getting an associates or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Students should research two and four year colleges that offer criminal justice programs and review the enrollment requirements. […]

What's The Best Degree For Becoming An FBI Agent?

You’ve seen FBI agents in movies and at major crime scenes on the news, and you’ve always dreamed of joining their ranks and helping fight crime at one of the top levels in the country. But since so many people share this dream with you, you’re really going to need to stand out from the […]

Do I Need to Have a Degree in Criminal Justice to Work In Law Enforcement?

In general, a degree in criminal justice is not a prerequisite for a career in law enforcement. Although requirements vary by state standards and local agencies, most law enforcement positions instead require the completion of a law enforcement training program. When a degree is a requirement, criminal justice is not the only program that should […]

What Jobs Are There For Criminal Justice Majors Outside of Police Work?

When it comes to earning a degree in criminal justice, many people think this degree is only for those pursuing a career as a police officer. Truth is, there are many professions found in the criminal justice field, making it advantageous for those who earn a criminal justice degree. From working as a FBI agent […]

If I Already Have a Bachelor's In Criminal Justice, Is Getting a Master's In Criminal Justice Worth It?

There are many students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Art in Criminal Justice who are unsure how to proceed. For some, going directly to work in the field of his or her choice is the best option. Others choose to continue studying, obtaining a Master of Science in the hope of maximizing […]

What Kind of Jobs Are Available to Someone With a 2-year Criminal Justice Degree?

Upon graduating from college, many young adults are unsure exactly what they want to do with their degrees. Fortunately, criminal justice is a broad field that is ideal for an adult who is unsure about the future. A two-year degree in criminal justice, also known as an associate’s degree, is helpful for adults looking to […]

Do You Need To Have a Master's Degree or Ph D. In Criminal Justice or Criminology in Order to Get a Teaching Job?

Entering the field of education is an option for many professionals in a specific discipline who have years of practical work experience and post-graduate degrees. As an instructor at a community college or university, educators have the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with future professionals in law enforcement, government agencies, legal firms, and […]

What Type of Specialization Courses are Offered with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice? If you have always dreamed of being able to choose from a wide array of different criminal justice careers, the first step is to enroll in a criminal justice degree program. With a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, you can become an FBI agent, a jail […]

Will I Become Eligible For a Job In The Federal or State Law Department With My Criminal Justice Degree?

While it is impossible to say with certainty that a criminal justice degree would ensure a job at the state and federal levels, it would definitely give an edge when applying for relevant positions at both the local, state, and federal levels. “Relevant positions” is the key word. Often, the criminal justice degree helps individuals […]

Is The Pay Scale Higher With a Criminal Justice Degree With The Specialization of Public Safety?

Many professionals have found that a criminal justice degree provides an opportunity to earn a good living while taking advantage of better than average job security. Some wonder, though, whether they can increase their pay by specializing in public safety. Given the opportunity to choose a specialization, students can increase their earning capacity when they […]

Will My Criminal Justice Degree Allow Me to Get a Job Working with Children?

The common perception of a criminal justice degree is that it allows graduates to deal almost exclusively with hardened criminals in prison settings, but this actually ignores a large number of occupations that work outside of maximum-security prisons and the more challenging environments in the criminal justice system. Indeed, occupations as diverse as a law clerk […]

What Are the Job Placement Rates For a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal Justice went from a rarely mentioned degree field to one of the more popular ones in the country. Part of its rise in popularity relies on the rise of television shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation.” These programs showed students the fun and excitement of the Criminal […]

What Internships or Field Experiences Are Available to Criminal Justice Majors?

Law enforcement deals directly with law and the government. People who study criminal justice often intend to become corrections officers or work with police. Because both local and federal governments have such a vested interest in promoting quality and training, there is a glut of opportunities provided directly by the law enforcement agencies that are […]

Do I Need To Take a Foreign Language As a Degree Requirement For Criminal Justice?

A criminal justice degree can be used to gain entry into a variety of fields. If you are interested in criminal justice as a career, do you need to learn a foreign language? The answer to that question is that it depends on what you want to do after you graduate.  There are a lot […]

Can I Receive Any College Credit For My Work Completed At a Police Academy?

Different law enforcement agencies have different requirements for hiring and training police officers. The majority of state police agencies, for instance, require a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a closely related field and successful completion of a state police academy. Police officers in large metropolitan areas often have similar requirements, with training sometimes coming […]

What is a Major Field Test in Criminal Justice?

For those entering into the field of Criminal Justice, there is a lot of education to be had, and tests to be taken. And one of the most important exams is the Major Field Test. But what is it, exactly, and what is the importance of this particular test? The Major Field Test, or MFT, […]

Choosing an Up-to-Date Criminal Justice Program

Criminal Justice Degree programs are an ever-growing area of study in today’s crime-ridden world. But with so many schools offering two- to six-year degrees, choosing a program that stands out to future employers and prepares you for a competitive career can be a daunting task. How do you choose a school whose program stays current […]

What is a M.S. in Law Enforcement Administration?

Have you always dreamed of pursuing a career in the field of criminal justice? If you want to be involved in some aspect of law enforcement, you need to decide which career you want to pursue and what educational path you should take to help you accomplish your goals. As you are reviewing all of […]

What Types of Criminal Justice Majors Are There?

For students who are interested in starting a fascinating and rewarding career in the criminal justice industry, it is important to recognize that there are multiple different majors that can be pursued. Since there are so many sub-fields of criminal justice that students can study, there is a high likelihood that students will be able […]

What Is a Good Minor to Compliment a Criminal Justice Degree?

For the past few decades, jobs in many different professional fields have been lost due to either outsourcing or changes in need due to technological advancement. While this has happened in many fields, one field that this is very unlikely to happen in is criminal justice. Criminal justice jobs include becoming a police officer, security […]

What Kind of Salary Can I Expect From a Job in Criminal Justice?

A career in criminal justice can be a long and fulfilling one that allows you to hold any number of jobs. You could be a police officer or a correctional officer who works in a prison. Depending on what you study in college, you could be ready to get a job with a government agency […]

What Is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is often used to signify the methods and systems used involving crimes and their punishment within a society. However, this is a fairly simplistic definition, as there is much more involved when seeking a true answer to the question: What is criminal justice? What Is the Criminal Justice System? The criminal justice system […]

Are There Any Military Jobs in Criminal Justice?

In very real ways, the military can be thought of as a microcosm of civilian society. Not only are its troops–the best as well as the worst–taken from society, but its structure can be seen as a society in and of itself. The military’s version may go by different terms (commissary vs a grocery store, […]

What Kind of International Jobs Are Available in Criminal Justice?

When people think of jobs that require travel, they don’t often think of criminal justice. However, there are many varied positions available internationally for someone with a degree in Criminal Justice. Human rights violations are everywhere, and everywhere needs those trained in law enforcement and protection. Many of these jobs are high profile and right […]

Can I Get A Criminal Justice Degree Online?

There are many exciting career opportunities in criminal justice fields, and those who aspire to work in them may wonder if they can get a criminal justice degree online. There are very good criminal justice degree programs online, offering a variety of excellent courses. Online programs allow students to keep up with current obligations while […]

Will I Get a Government Job With a Criminal Justice Degree?

A degree in criminal justice provides a job seeker with a vast reservoir of specialized knowledge and useful job skills relevant to many positions within the field of criminal justice. As one might expect, a significant number of these positions can be found within the vast criminal justice system administered by various local, state, and […]

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get With a MA In Criminal Justice?

When you take the time to earn an undergraduate degree in the Criminal Justice discipline, you can become a detective, a corrections officer, a forensic scientist, or a loss prevention manager. If you currently hold a BA in Criminal Justice and you are considering advancing your career in the field, you may be wondering what […]

What Type Of Internships Do You Do When Your Major is Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice students have access to a wide variety of internships. Some are at the local level and some are state or national opportunities. The determining factor is what career path you choose to follow. Colleges and Universities are Resources for Finding Internships The college at which you are studying can connect you with internships […]

Are There Age, Height Or Gender Limitations In Criminal Justice Careers?

The criminal justice field has many different job and career opportunities for those who wish to be a part of that industry. To get a criminal justice job, there may be certain qualifications that you must meet. Are any of them related to your age, height or gender? Age Restrictions For Those In Criminal Justice […]

What Type Of Companies Hire Someone With a Criminal Justice Degree?

A degree in criminal justice provides a wide range of job opportunities in the Criminal Justice system -law enforcement, legal and court system, corrections, security, academic and research. Jobs are available in the public and private sector, and are attainable based on the level of education achieved (associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree), the type of […]

Is a Criminal Justice Degree Worth the Money?

A common, and perhaps unusual, question today is the real worth of a college degree. With tuition costs ever on the rise, many potential students are opting to forgo a degree entirely, either because they can’t afford it, or because they believe experience in the job force is now more important. It is true that […]

Do I Need a Criminal Justice Degree to Be a Police Officer?

If you’re justice oriented and hoping to go into a career as a police officer, you may be wondering if you need a Criminal Justice degree to land your dream job. Difference police offices will have varied hiring requirements, so it can be confusing to know what you will need to get a job as […]

What Is the Best Graduate Program to Enter With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal justice programs combine a wide range of topics in one single field of study. While some students assume that the program primarily deals with how the criminal justice system in the country operates and what happens to criminals, the field also incorporates areas of law, psychology and sociology. After finishing an undergraduate degree in […]

Can You Earn a Criminal Justice Degree Online?

Criminal Justice is one of the most popular and exciting fields in the entire United States. It’s very common for someone to dream of getting a Criminal Justice degree and going on to work in the field. However, life has a tendency of getting in the way. Not everyone has the luxury of being able […]

What Do I Include On My Criminal Justice Resume?

Once you earn your degree majoring in Criminal Justice, the next step is creating a unique and quality criminal justice resume. Your resume is basically a summary of your professional objectives, your work experience, your qualifications, and your educational background. With so many different work processor programs that include templates for resume built into the […]

How Do Employers View an Online Criminal Justice Degree?

Are you debating whether or not to earn an online criminal justice degree? If you are comparing traditional and online degree programs with a focus on Criminal Justice, it is important to understand how employers view both types of degrees before you select the right degree program. If you are worried that employers will frown […]

How Has The Decriminalization of Marijuana Affected Current Laws?

For more than half a century, the subject of the DECRIMINALIZATION OF MARIJUANA in the United States has been an ongoing topic. Throughout American history, cannabis has played a historical part of the nation. Marijuana, the byproduct of the buds of the cannabis plant was actually legal for use in prescription form as early as 1937 […]

Will I Get A Government Job With A Criminal Justice Degree?

This is a great time to be thinking about getting a government job with a Criminal Justice Degree. The career choices are so diverse and numerous. You can choose positions in law enforcement, corrections, courts, or social services. The economy has negatively impacted the job outlook for other degree majors; however, the job market for […]

What kind of international jobs are available in criminal justice?

When looking into the future, many studying criminal justice to do not immediately think about what kind of international jobs are available in the field of criminal justice. However, for the individual interested in seeing the world while making a difference in their chosen profession, there are quite a few international jobs available. In order […]

Do I Need a Criminal Justice Degree To Be a Parole Officer?

One of the most common concerns that those interested in criminal just have as they begin looking for jobs is whether or not they need a criminal justice degree to be a parole officer. That’s largely because the criminal justice field has varying education requirements for virtually every position. Some require only a certification or […]

Can I Get a Job in Child Protection Services with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Finding a job in child protection services with a criminal justice degree program completion is possible throughout different state agencies and private organizations. As a part of the human services academic discipline, criminal justice programs are designed not just to focus on the apprehension and prosecution of criminals, but they are also designed to develop […]

What Does a Law Clerk Do?

Though lawyers get all the credit for successfully arguing a case and getting positive results for their client, the truth is that a law clerk is often an important behind-the-scenes part of that eventual victory. These professionals are often referred to as the “body men” of the law profession, since it’s their job to make […]

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

There is a slew of TV programming about crime scene investigation and behavioral analysis, but what exactly is forensic psychology? The fictional scenarios imply that these professionals spend each day chasing elusive and dangerous criminals. The reality is that there are many specializations within this career. What is a Forensic Psychologist According to the American […]

Do I Need a Degree In Criminal Justice to Become a Detective?

Detective work in today’s criminal justice industry is a highly competitive proposition, and often one that leaves prospective applicants wondering whether it would be a good idea to get a degree in criminal justice to become a detective. Though very few states require a four-year college education to get started in the field of detective […]

What Training Is Needed To Become a Police Officer?

Many high school students want to work in the law enforcement field, but they often don’t know about the training needed to become a police officer. While it’s definitely a worthwhile career choice, students shouldn’t decide to become police officers unless they are committed to giving 100 percent to the training that they will need […]

Do I Need a Degree in Criminal Justice To Be a Private Investigator?

Individuals who are interested in doing private investigation work might ask, “Would I need a criminal justice degree to be a private investigator?” Learning about the law, what qualifies as breaking it, and how to gather that evidence would surely be helpful when you’re out in the field, and a degree in criminal justice covers that […]

Do I Need a Degree in Criminal Justice To Work in Airport Security?

Many candidates for jobs with the TSA wonder if they need a criminal justice degree to work in airport security. The simple answer to this question is no. A formal degree is not required by the TSA. It is, however, strongly recommended that candidates have a security or criminal justice background that includes some amount […]

What is a Bailiff?

A bailiff is a law enforcement officer who plays an important role in the courtroom. Bailiffs are responsible for assisting the judge in keeping the courtroom secure and orderly. Bailiffs monitor the courtroom for concealed weapons, bombs and any other security threats. Bailiffs frisk people and confiscate any weapons found. Bailiff Job Duties Bailiffs work […]

Do I Need A Criminal Justice Degree To Work in Juvenile Corrections

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in juvenile corrections, you may be wondering if you need a criminal justice degree to work in juvenile corrections. These facilities are located across the country, and they are largely staffed by juvenile correctional officers. Because of the projected increase in population in this age group, there […]

What Is A Forensic Toxicologist?

If you have been thinking about the pursuit of a career in the fields of biology or chemistry, you may have begun exploring various positions and found yourself asking “What is a Forensic Toxicologist?” By reading the data found below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the […]

What Is Criminology?

What is criminology? Criminology is a field of study that focuses on the cause, punishment and prevention of crime. Many people confuse criminology with criminal justice, but the two fields are distinct. Workers in the criminal justice field usually work with actual offenders, but criminology workers study crime from a sociological point of view. Cause One […]

What Types Of Jobs Can One Get With A Degree In Criminology?

If you have given any consideration to attaining a criminology degree in order to pursue a vocation within the field, you may be wondering what types of jobs with a degree in criminology you will be able to attain. By reading the information found below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several […]

How Do You Become A US Marshal?

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, one common point of research is often how to become a US Marshal. From the prestige that comes comes with this position to the reputation for Marshals of being an elite criminal justice organization, the requirements to for entering into this particular area of law […]

What is the Average Salary of a Police Officer?

What is the Average Salary of a Police Officer? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a police officer is approximately $58,720, or $28.23 per hour. This number varies widely based on region, years of experience, and other factors. If you’re considering this career, some training beyond high school may […]

What is a Crime Scene Investigator?

A Crime Scene Investigator plays an important role in determining the culprit at crime scenes where crime victims may have been injured or threatened. Those who work as Crime Scene Investigators are typically trained in subjects such as science, criminal justice, and logic so that they can track down criminals and improve public safety. Most […]

How Do I Become A Border Patrol Agent?

Do you want to become a Border Patrol Agent? If you are interested in working as a federal employee who receives competitive compensation and good benefits, this could be a great national security position to apply for. As a Border Patrol Agent, you will work to secure all of the land and sea borders of […]

What is a Correctional Counselor?

A correctional counselor plays an important role in the criminal justice system by evaluating inmates and situations to ensure the safety of the inmate population. As a corrections employee, a correctional counselor will need special skills beyond those of other counseling practitioners in order to thrive in such a challenging environment like a jail or […]

What is a Defense Attorney?

A defense attorney is a lawyer who represents a person who is being sued in a court of law; i.e., the accused party in a civil or criminal lawsuit. Defense attorneys are responsible for giving those accused of breaking the law fair representation in the court system. Typically, defense attorneys begin as prosecutors, who are […]

What Does a Border Patrol Agent Do?

Although most are aware that the U.S. Border Patrol was created to prevent terrorists and illegal aliens from entering into the country, many question what does a border patrol agent do on a daily basis. Undaunted by freezing cold northern winters or scorching hot desert summers, border patrol agents are fearless law enforcement officers that […]

Can I Get a Job With the CIA With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Are you interested in finding out if you can get a job with the CIA with a Criminal Justice Degree? If you are in the process of choosing a major and you know that you would like to work for the Central Intelligence Agency, it is important to choose a discipline that will give you […]

What Does a US Marshal Do?

There are many federal law enforcement agencies, the oldest of which is the United States Marshals Service; with so many in the news and in popular culture, the question might well be asked, “What does a US Marshal do?” The short answer to that question is “a lot,” while a more detailed answer can be […]

Can I Get a Job With The FBI With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal justice graduates have a number of great job opportunities available, but a large number of them often seek to get a job with the FBI with a criminal justice degree. This might simply be because there are so many unique and exiting opportunities available with this sprawling federal agency, and its available positions use […]

Can I Get a Job With the NSA With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Though the National Security Agency is typically thought of as one of America’s leading spy agencies and out of reach for all but the most seasoned national security professionals, it’s actually possible to get a job with the NSA with a criminal justice degree. That’s because the National Security Agency employs its own police force, […]

What Types of Jobs Are Available in Cyber Security With A Criminal Justice Degree?

As the Internet continues to endure increasing threats to information security and integrity, the number of cyber security jobs available with a criminal justice degree continues to grow. Today’s criminal justice degree holders are likely to find a wide array of jobs that range from actual prosecution of cyber criminals to oversight of corporate security […]

What Type of Jobs Are Available in Private Investigation?

Criminal justice students and those studying similar topics often look at the types of jobs available in private investigation. They dream of spending long hours in their cars and in private offices, tracking down criminals and helping wronged parties bring others to justice. The private investigation field actually refers to a number of different jobs […]

What Types of Jobs Are Available With the Secret Service With a Criminal Justice Degree?

The types of jobs with Secret Service with a criminal justice degree available to students range from uniformed positions to administrative positions. Though you might assume that Secret Service agents work for the U.S. President and his family, those agents also defend and protect other government leaders both from America and from overseas. The Secret […]

What Types of Jobs Are Available With The DEA With A Criminal Justice Degree?

Looking at the jobs available with DEA with criminal justice degree before you graduate is a smart move. The Drug Enforcement Agency is responsible for keeping an eye on the movement of drugs across the country and keeping those drugs from crossing national and international borders. They follow the rules used by specific cities and […]

How Do You Get A Homeland Security Job With A Criminal Justice Degree?

If you are trying to land homeland security jobs with criminal justice degree, it is important to understand the Federal hiring process. The need for professionals with experience in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security has never been greater, but the government has strict requirements and a very long screening process to ensure that the best […]

What is a Fraud Investigator?

A fraud investigator is someone who does research into a particular case to ensure that a victim is truthful with his or her comments. Often used in the health care industry, these men and women help keep costs down and keep fraudulent cases out of the courtroom. When someone files a personal injury or a […]

What Degree is Needed To Become a Fraud Investigator?

Those interested in working in fraud investigation fields often want to know the type of degree needed to become a fraud investigator. As the men and women working in this field talk with doctors and medical professionals every day, many people think that those workers have some type of advanced degree. You might find it […]

What Jobs Are Available in Cyber Crime Investigation?

The number of jobs available in cyber crime investigation increased in the weeks, months and later years following the terrorist attack on New York City in 2001. Though there were a small number of people already working in this field, the number increased as the federal and later state governments realized that investigators could track […]

What is a Diversion Investigator With the DEA?

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency depends on its workers to keep drugs off the streets, and working as a diversion investigator with the DEA lets you do your part in the war on drugs. Investigators conduct research online and in real life to look for signs of people buying, selling, using and transporting illegal […]

What Do DEA Special Agents Do?

A special agent is one of the most important jobs in the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, but many people wonder what DEA special agents do. Special agents must have a college degree and experience in one key area, but they also need to go through a number of tests and examinations that ensure they […]

How Do You Become a Crime Scene Investigator?

Thanks to the popularity of some films and television shows, the interest in crime scene investigation is higher than ever, and many high school and college students want to know what it takes to become a crime scene investigator. They imagine working with the local police department, examining evidence and testifying in court to put […]

How Do You Become a Toxicologist?

If you enjoy conducting research to study the harmful effects of chemicals found in the food we eat, the drugs we consume, the air we breathe, and the water we drink, then you could be the perfect fit to become a toxicologist. As specialized medical scientists, toxicologists are typically responsible for investigating physical and chemical […]

Can You Get a Job With TSA With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Getting a job with TSA with a criminal justice degree is easier than you might think. The Transportation Security Administration is one of the most important government agencies in existence today. Following the events of September 11, 2001, the TSA changed its hiring policies and added new requirements to ensure that travelers remain safe and […]

Can You Get an Criminology Internship?

Criminology is the study of criminal behaviors and activities, and you can get a criminology internship. One of the first things you need to decide is which side of the law interests you the most. You can then check with the career development office on your campus and look online for programs that are open […]

Can You Get an Internship in Forensic Toxicology?

Most toxicology students complete internships before starting their careers, and a university’s society of toxicologists usually offers an internship in forensic toxicology among the choices. These internships take place in all of the common forensic toxicology work environments, including drug testing clinics, medical examiners and law enforcement agencies. Forensic toxicology differs from general toxicology in […]

How Do You Become a Police Officer?

Whether you are obsessed with watching cop TV shows every weeknight, have a family history in law enforcement that you wish to live on, or simply loved dressing up as a cop every Halloween as a kid, there are many reasons why you may want to become a police officer. As the protectors of our […]

What is Cyber Crime Investigation?

Cyber crime investigation is an increasingly in-demand career. As the reliance of society on technology continues to grow, the need for qualified professionals to protect information and systems also continues to become more and more necessary. Collecting Evidence and Identifying Threats The fundamental role of cyber crime investigators is to identify potential threats and crimes […]

How Do You Become a Crime Lab Analyst?

If you love watching shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and NCIS, you may want to become a crime lab analyst. While the actual job may not be exactly the same as how it’s depicted on television, it’s a challenging career choice that can be very fulfilling. About the Job The first thing that you […]

What is a Criminal Researcher?

A criminal researcher is responsible for conducting investigations into crimes. Criminal researchers are law enforcement workers who not only track down suspects in crimes that have already been committed, but also work to prevent future crimes. These law enforcement professionals may work either by themselves or as part of investigative teams. There are different specialties […]

How Do You Become a Criminal Researcher?

The world that we live in provides constant job openings for people who want to become criminal researchers. Before getting into the how’s of this topic, the what’s of it are a good place to start. The job description of a criminal researcher is complex in a variety of ways. Criminal researching is also a […]

What is a Criminal Profiler?

To be a criminal profiler, one must be able to read into people and circumstances. These psychological sleuths did not come into the crime investigation world until New York City investigators grew frustrated about a 16 year open investigation in 1956. James Brussel was a psychiatrist who was able to successfully tell investigators that the […]

How Do You Become a Criminal Profiler?

After watching movies and television shows devoted to criminal investigations, many students find themselves looking online at how to become a criminal profiler. Before you imagine yourself in Jodie Foster’s role in The Silence of the Lambs, keep in mind that profiling isn’t necessarily a career. The Federal Bureau of Investigations and similar government agencies […]

How Do You Become a Forensic Psychologist?

If you would like to work in the fields of both law and psychology, you should consider mapping out the path you need to travel down to become a forensic psychologist. Psychology is an expansive field that focuses on the human mind and how it functions. When you combine forensics with psychology, which is the […]

What Skills are Needed To Become a Detective?

If you are interested in working in investigations and you are looking for the right career opportunity to pursue, it is time to learn about the skills needed to become a detective. Detectives are often depicted in movies and crime shows as intelligent and intuitive professionals. While this is true, not everything that is depicted […]

What Informational Assurance Jobs are in Criminal Justice?

There are many exciting Informational Assurance jobs in Criminal Justice available. Some of these jobs are to be found in the private sector and others in the government. Below introduces the field of Information Assurance and what jobs are available. What is Information Assurance? Information Assurance involves certain online security subjects, such as cyber-crime, -security […]

What is a Forensic Investigator?

CSI and its spin-offs are extremely popular TV programs about crime scene investigation but, if you are considering a career as a forensic investigator, you will have to separate the myths from the reality. Do these people actually go to crime scenes with police or do they stay in laboratories testing evidence? How much education […]

How Do You Become a Cybercrime Investigator?

With the growing number of TV series dealing with cybercrime, you might be wondering how to become a cybercrime investigator. The TV plots play genius-level experts against organized crime bosses and armed criminals. It sounds glamorous. So, what is cybercrime and how can you become one of the “good guys” investigating it? What is Cybercrime? […]

What is a Parole Officer?

One of the most important professions in the legal world is that of a parole officer. These officers are the ones responsible for ensuing that convicted criminals follow all the requirements established in court during a trial or plea agreement hearing. They usually have a degree in criminal justice and strong organizational skills. If you […]

How Do You Become a Corrections Officer?

Law enforcement is a popular career choice and many people are researching how to become a corrections officer. That is largely determined by what division of corrections interests you. Corrections encompasses several different areas and all of them require rigorous job preparation. What is a Corrections Officer? According to US Legal, the definition of a […]

What is a Private Investigator?

Private investigators are often referred to as PIs or private detectives. Because of media stereotypes, most people don’t realize that private investigators are professionals who specialize in research, surveillance and investigation. While most work independently, some private investigators are full-time employees of attorneys and corporations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What are the […]

What Management Jobs are in Criminal Justice?

Most management jobs in criminal justice are found in security, corrections, public service and law enforcement. Here are four popular management jobs for graduates with a criminal justice degree. Crime Analyst Supervisor Crime analyst supervisors are responsible for analyzing law enforcement data and interpreting crime trends and patterns. They oversee employees who process information requests […]

How Do You Become a Paralegal?

Lawyers turn to paralegals with help doing research, meeting with clients and presenting cases in from of court, but you cannot become a paralegal unless you have a college degree. While some law firms will hire you with just a degree, you may find that many of the firms in your city prefer paralegals with […]

What Does a Criminologist Do?

If you’ve ever set your mind to puzzling out what might drive an individual to commit a particular crime, then you’ve already taken a stab at what a criminologist does. Criminologists analyze data in search of patterns, looking for explanations of what causes a crime, who is more likely to commit that crime, and how […]

How Do You Become a Criminologist?

In order to become a criminologist, candidates will need the right education, training and licensure. A criminologist is tasked with analyzing data to understand crimes, such as why they are committed, and to solve social problems, such as how to predict and prevent specific criminal behaviors. Although a few spend time collecting data at crime […]

What is a Forensic Science Technician?

A forensic science technician is a crime analyst who conducts detailed laboratory examinations and computer-based analyses of evidence collected in criminal cases. They generally work for local, county and state law enforcement agencies. Their findings are incorporated into official reports that form the basis of legal proceedings. Job Duties Forensic science technicians perform a variety […]

How Do You Become a Judge?

If you’re a fan of daytime court television or crime shows, you’ve probably wondered how you can become a judge. Wielding a gavel is not an easy task, but the path to gaining that power is straightforward. You’ll need to complete an undergraduate degree, successfully pass law school and your state’s bar exam and then […]

How Do You Become a Private Investigator?

If you love doing research and spending long hours working on your own, you may want to look at how to become a private investigator in your state. Though some people imagine themselves following cheating spouses, taking photos at a distance and spending hours hunting bad guys, the job itself is sometimes a little more […]

How Do You Become a Secret Service Agent?

Anyone who wants to become a secret service agent must meet strict hiring requirements for law enforcement and qualify for the federal employment level GL-7. The path to becoming a secret service agent is intense, challenging and highly competitive, according to the Secret Service. Secret Service Agents Secret service agents are tasked with protecting the […]

What is a Deputy Sheriff?

A deputy sheriff performs normal law enforcement and crime prevention duties. This means that they enforce state laws, local ordinances and traffic regulations. They perform a variety of technical and administrative tasks to support their law enforcement and crime prevention responsibilities. Deputy sheriffs preserve public peace by detaining, interviewing and processing violators. They apprehend suspects, […]

How Do You Become a CIA Analyst?

Anyone who wants to become a CIA analyst and work for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will either need to be a high performing student or an experienced intelligence industry professional. The most common route for undergraduate and graduate students is to earn internships and scholarships through CIA-sponsored programs. These are referred to as the […]

What is a Court Clerk?

Court clerks provide case information and service resolution for citizens in efficient, effective and professional manners, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They process and handle proofs of compliance, multiple forms of payments, requests for records and information at public lobby windows. They must provide efficient and courteous customer service to citizens who may […]

What is a Crime Lab Analyst?

A crime lab analyst is a scientific professional who works for or with law enforcement agencies. They actually perform a wide array of different and very specialized crime analysis duties. For example, a firearm lab analyst will conduct technical and scientific examinations of firearms recovered from crime scenes. They will gather instrumental data, document test […]

What is a Postal Inspector?

A postal inspector will investigate matters that touch on crimes within the U.S. Postal Service. It could be mail fraud from outside the agency or theft within the postal service that gets the attention of postal inspectors. They are considered law enforcement officers who prepare cases, execute warrants and detain and arrest suspects. Duties of […]

What is a Homicide Detective?

Homicide detectives might also be called homicide investigators. They are called into a crime scene when there’s been a death that can’t be explained. Detectives use the skills they’ve learned to investigate the scene, figure out if there’s been a homicide and find the person responsible, according to the FBI. Duties of a Homicide Detective […]

What is a Constable?

The duties of a constable vary from one region to the next. In some counties, the constable is an elected official while in others, he or she is a part of the court system. Constables and sheriffs often have similar duties and responsibilities, but in some states there is only a sheriff and no constables. […]

What is Information Assurance?

Information assurance is an important practice in data security. There is increased need to protect business information from degradation, destruction and manipulation by malicious people. As a result, many companies have invested in various infrastructures and personnel to help them implement effective information assurance practices. Information Assurance Information assurance refers to the processes involved in […]

How Do You Become a Detective?

If you want to become a detective, then it’s critical to build your qualifications, create a foundation of experience and seek promotions. Despite being one of the most portrayed law enforcement positions in Hollywood, the office of criminal investigator requires years of dedication, education, training and experience. The most traditional path to becoming a detective […]

What is a Criminologist?

If you’re interested in a career behind the scenes of crime and criminal justice, becoming a criminologist may be perfect for you. A criminologist is one of the many people who help the justice system in this country. We’ve taken an in-depth look at this popular career, providing you with all the need-to-know facts regarding […]

What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals or legal assistants have become increasingly popular in recent decades. But what is a paralegal, and what do they do? What type of education do you need to become one? We’ll be taking an in-depth look at this in-demand career to give you all the information you need to decide if becoming a legal […]

What Types of Jobs are in Intelligence Analysis?

There are various types of jobs in intelligence analysis, which, until recently, seemed to only describe the type of analysis done at a national level. The truth is, intelligence analysis is an umbrella term that speaks to a variety of fields in which analysts can find employment, according to the RAND Corporation. Here are just […]

What is a Youth Correctional Counselor?

A youth correctional counselor is a government employee whose job it is to assist in the rehabilitation and counseling of juvenile delinquents and youth offenders. Through vital behavior training and college courses, youth correctional counselors acquire the skills necessary to help adolescents get their lives back on track. Youth correctional counselors provide counseling and treatment […]

What Types of Psychology Jobs are in Criminal Justice?

The scientific study of crime and criminals is highly intertwined with psychology, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are numerous types of psychology jobs in criminal justice including careers in counseling, case management and probation. These unique fields focus on rehabilitation-centered correction methods rather than an incapacitation or “lock and key” punishment-based methods. Psychology […]

What is a Security Officer?

A security officer, also known as a security guard, is responsible for preventing crimes against property and people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Security officers seek to prevent vandalism, assault, robberies, fires and other crimes by patrolling and guarding an assigned building or area. These individuals may be found on duty in places […]

Where Do Security Officers Work?

Where security officers work depends greatly on the company with whom they are employed. In general, a security officer is someone responsible for patrolling and inspecting property against illegal activity, terrorism, vandalism, theft and fire. Security officers monitor buildings and people in order to prevent crimes from occurring. Although they are trained to respond or […]

What Types of Criminal Justice Jobs are Available in Homeland Security?

If you’ve always wanted to make a difference in the nation by choosing a career in law enforcement, you may want to consider researching the types of criminal justice jobs available in Homeland Security. Ever since the devastating terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the government has increased funding and expanded the number of employees […]

What is a Forensic Anthropologist?

The television series, Bones, has popularized the role of the forensic anthropologist. While the field is hardly as sensational as many may believe, it provides crucial assistance to law enforcement and medical personnel. This sub-discipline of anthropology is mainly concerned with the physical remains of human beings, but unlike pure physical anthropology, it draws on […]

How Do You Become a Homicide Detective?

A homicide detective’s job is to investigate murders and bring the responsible party to justice. To do this, they have to gather evidence through methodical procedures. It involves interviewing witnesses to the crime as well as gathering reports from other departments like the medical examiner and crime scene investigators. The detective has to understand the […]

How Do You Become a Fraud Investigator?

Fraud investigating has become a hot career in recent decades, and if you’re thinking of becoming a fraud investigator but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck. We’ve done our research and found not only what it takes to become a fraud investigator, but also what it means to be one. What is a […]

What is a Court Reporter?

What is a court reporter? For private citizens who don’t pay attention to the minutiae of court proceedings, they can seem like an antiquated addition. To others who understand the necessity of transcription services, they are useful additions to the legal field, both to the court and to reporters covering the case, according to Bloomberg. […]

What is a Grand Jury?

A grand jury in America is a legal body, composed of 16 to 23 private citizens, that conducts official proceedings and investigates the possibility of criminal acts. It also determines if the case requires that criminal charges be brought against an individual or an entity, including the government. The grand jury is a separate entity […]

What is a Chief Security Officer?

A chief security officer (CSO) is one of the most respected executives in any organization. He is responsible for the entire physical and digital security structure and operations within an organization and responds directly to the chief executive officer, chief administrative officer or the head of the legal counsel. This post will shed more light […]

What is a Probation Officer?

If you’re a student of criminology or law, you may be wondering what exactly a probation officer is and their role within the criminal justice system. These skilled men and women work in a field that is growing on par with other related industries, meaning that there is a need for more trained probation officers. […]

What is a Fish and Game Warden?

A fish and game warden is responsible for protecting enforcing boating, hunting, and fishing laws, protecting wildlife, and patrolling deserts, coastlines, wetlands, beaches, rivers, and lakes. Since fish and game wardens are commissioned peace officers, they may be tasked with conducting investigations, collecting evidence, searching homes and vehicles, and citing people for a number of […]

How Do You Become a Fish and Game Warden?

If you are looking to start a career in wildlife law enforcement, you might be wondering how to become a fish and game warden. Also known as wildlife or conservation officers, fish and game wardens are responsible for enforcing boating, trapping, fishing, and hunting laws. Their main goal is to protect wildlife, which may include […]