10 Great iPad Apps for Criminal Justice Majors and Professionals

Investigations, records, tracking, apprehension, data access, court and law – these are all attributes of today’s far-reaching criminal justice system. Here are ten of the most useful, criminal justice related iPad apps available for the student and professional alike.

criminal justice terminology for ipad

Criminal Justice Terminology – HD

This all-inclusive terminology app assures users of an extensive vocabulary of today’s industry terms and phrases. 750+ quizzes and flash cards help with learning, while the dictionary provides a go-to reference for anyone involved with criminal justice.


the law guide for ipad

The Law Guide

TheLaw.com’s Law Guide is very helpful for those needing to reference specific laws and legislative decisions–a common need for criminal justice students and professionals. Users can learn about countless individual laws as well as gain access to the 8,500+ legal definition law dictionary. Professional and user reviews of The Law Guide yield consistent praise.


field contact for ipad

Field Contact

Field Contact is a remarkable policing and security related app. Get rid of the old pen and notepad because Field Contact serves as this and more. Contacts and notes can be created for any person or situation. Attach pictures, DOB info, locations, dates, times, descriptions, aliases, and much more. There are also multiple, convenient ways to search, browse, and locate contacts and notes taken.


Police Scanner 2 for ipad

Police Scanner 2

There have been a number of scanner app releases in recent years, but Police Scanner 2 stands above the competition, being the first truly interactive scanner app. Alert friends to emergency broadcasts and alerts or record them in real-time to playback or share later.


arcgis for ipad


ArcGIS is more likely going to find its way into the criminal justice professional’s app list than those still in school. Users enjoy a sophisticated mapping program with typical map program features being complimented by some very atypical ones: draw lines – calculate distances, create contact – location records, interact with the map and stored data held on it, and more.


advanced english dictionary for ipad

Advanced English Dictionary And Thesaurus

Possibly the most self-explanatory named app on our list, this one provides a great dictionary and thesaurus, all in one program. Use this one for reading, writing, studying, report writing, working with court documents, and anything else criminal justice-related. Don’t be stumped on a word again.


fbi most wanted for ipad

FBI Most Wanted

Grateware provides a great FBI most wanted criminals app. Search and browse wanted offenders and even missing children posts nationwide. Get real-time, highly detailed information, specs, and photos on these and more.


fafa for ipad

Field Agent Fingerprint App

The Field Agent Fingerprint App looks to be state-of-the-art, seemingly allowing users to take fingerprint samples in the field and instantly run them against the current FBI database. A perfect app for criminal justice students to entertain their friends by checking to see if they are among the FBI’s most wanted, this just-for-fun app is sure to appeal to students and fun-loving professionals alike.


vin inventory for ipad

VIN Inventory

VIN Inventory provides users access to the national VIN-check system. Authenticate, identify, store, see pictures, and check reporting on any VIN number. This is a great investigative field tool for police, security, and private investigations work.


police codes for ipad

Police Codes

Whether you are current law enforcement trying to understand external code or a criminal justice student, the Police Codes app provides nationwide code translations for all of today’s types of emergency personnel communications. Learn different color codes, penal codes, police 10 and 11 codes, and fire and medical.