Highest Paying Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

What are considered the highest paying jobs for criminal justice majors? With the wide range of career options provided by the criminal justice field, there are actually many possible choices that could provide highly competitive salaries and benefits. To maximize the earning potentials of any job however, it is necessary that a person has genuine interest in it.

Jobs that Have the Most Earning Potential

People working in the criminal justice field will have varying salaries even within the same specialization. This is because salary rate is usually affected by educational attainment, years of service, and the position held. Generally, these are the criminal justice jobs that are considered high-paying:

1. Detectives/Criminal Investigator

Detectives have a choice whether to work for government or a local law enforcement agency or become private detectives. They investigate crimes, gather evidence, and observe potential suspects. Private detectives typically demand high hourly rates from clients for surveillance activities in personal matters.
2. Chief Security Officer

The Chief Security Officer commands double the salary of a security guard for the additional responsibility of implementing security protocol required by companies, schools, businesses, and private industries. Closely related to this job is the position of Security Manager who is tasked to handle day-to-day operations pertaining to the management and training of the security staff, and enforcing security protocols.

3. FBI Agents

FBI agents are tasked to handle cases involving violations of federal law. The high pay is related to the risk involved in the nature of the job. Agents that are assigned to the field have a higher pay scale than those assigned to desk jobs. Confidentiality of work is essential in this job.

4. Crime Scene Investigators/Forensic Science Technicians

Crime scene investigators collect evidence at the crime scene through the help of Forensic Science Technicians to prove the guilt or innocence of a suspect. Their work involves the use of high-tech instruments and equipments for better accuracy. A Forensic Psychologist who may work closely with these two also enjoys good pay. He/she holds the responsibility of analyzing criminal behavior.

5. Police Officer

Police officers have a number of duties related to the preservation of peace and order in a community. High pay is also credited to the risk involved. The Sheriff or Police Chief usually has the highest salary in a local or state law enforcement agency.

Other criminal justice jobs that enjoy good pay include Secret Service Agents, Substance Abuse Counselor, Insurance and Fraud Investigator, Legal Secretary, and Criminologists.

Factors that Affect Salary Rate

There are certain factors that affect the salary rate of people in the criminal justice field. This is especially true in positions that require a high level of expertise and confidence. In essence, the more training and education a position requires, the higher the expected salary. The more risk there is in the usual performance of the job, the higher the pay. The more authority and responsibility a position carries, the higher the financial rewards.

High pay for jobs has corresponding responsibilities. It is always best for aspiring job seekers if they are prepared to enter the world of the highest paying jobs for criminal justice majors.