How to Get a Job in Information Assurance

If you have specific interest in information security, then you would probably be interested in knowing how to get a job in information assurance. More than defending a system against hackers and viruses, information assurance is about dealing with corporate governance. It is also not limited to security in relation to computer science but includes various disciplines such as accounting, forensic science, and security engineering, among others. Having enough qualified information assurance professionals will be a major issue to be confronted considering the continued and increasing reliance on computers by individuals and businesses. The advantages afforded by computer use can easily be eradicated by serious security threats when there are not enough qualified professionals to address them.

What is Information Assurance?

Information assurance is defined as the practice of risk management in relation to information or data use, storage, processing, and transmission, including the processes used. Although primarily set up to protect information in digital form, information assurance is able to do the same for analog form.

Information assurance was originally as simple as controlling access to computers through the age-old method of locking doors of rooms where they are contained and then having them guarded by security personnel. The high complexity of today’s threats to confidential information requires a more effective way of keeping the threat at bay. The essence of information assurance lies in maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Emphases on authenticity as well as non-repudiation have been added.

Career opportunities

The ability of an information assurance professional to create an effective system of checks and quality controls is a much sought-after skill that any company seriously at risk for security breach, would like to have. Expertise in computer network design and infrastructure including cryptography, knowledge in intrusion and detection and control, as well as the ability to create a user authorization and authentication system, are all highly-desired qualifications of an information security employee.

Information assurance professionals can join preferred companies as computer security specialists, database administrators, computer and information scientists, computer support specialists, network systems and data communication analyst, computer and information systems managers, management information systems directors, project managers, and local area network and wide area network managers. All types of businesses will require some form of computer protection so there are unlimited possibilities for consultancy jobs.

Getting a Job in Information Assurance

The primary employers of information assurance professionals are major federal and state agencies including the Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, and the Department of Homeland Security. Applying to these agencies must be done in accordance with set hiring processes. Career opportunities do exist in private companies as well.

Information assurance jobs are generally not entry-level positions because of the high degree of expertise and experience expected from applicants. These are also considered highly-sensitive positions thus prospective employers will need to conduct a thorough background check on applicants. A record of any felony, including minor ones, may affect the chances of an applicant to get the job. Understand how to get a job in information assurance and embark in a promising career.