Are There Age, Height Or Gender Limitations In Criminal Justice Careers?

The criminal justice field has many different job and career opportunities for those who wish to be a part of that industry. To get a criminal justice job, there may be certain qualifications that you must meet. Are any of them related to your age, height or gender?

Age Restrictions For Those In Criminal Justice Fields

In most criminal justice jobs, you have to be over the age of 21 to apply. The federal government may tell applicants over the age of 37 that they are too old to apply for jobs in certain fields that require a lot of stamina and physical endurance. However, state and local agencies tend to shy away from any type of maximum age policy. In certain situations, you may be able to apply for criminal justice positions as soon as you turn 18 as long as you have graduated from high school. FBI agents must be 23 years old before they can apply.

Height Requirements To Work In Criminal Justice

Generally, there are no height requirements to get a job in criminal justice. The only rule of thumb is that you are tall enough to perform your duties. The person who makes the hiring decision when you apply for the job will make the final determination. You should be aware that you may be judged on your height in proportion to your weight. This is to ensure that you are able to maintain a minimum level of fitness while on the job. Although there is no minimum height to become a police officer, the average minimum height that police forces look for is roughly 68 inches.

Gender Restrictions On Criminal Justice Professionals

There are few gender restrictions in the criminal justice field. It is common to see men and women working together solving crimes or dealing with inmates. The only gender restrictions are made in prisons that house female inmates. In that scenario, only females are allowed to work as correctional officers. However, females are allowed to work with males when supervising male inmates.

What Does This Mean For You?

The bottom line is that you will be considered for a position if you are qualified. Most applicants need to have a college education to have a serious chance of being picked for a job with a large agency such as the CIA or FBI. To become a police officer, you may need nothing more than your high school diploma to find work. You can get more information about specific requirements for your desired line of work online or by asking a recruiter in your area.

Criminal justice is a field that anyone can enter if they are qualified. While your height or age may keep you from getting a specific job that you apply for, it shouldn’t keep you out of the field as a whole. Make sure to look over any and all job requirements before sending in an application to ensure that you are qualified for the jobs in which you are applying for.