Can I Get A Criminal Justice Degree Online?

There are many exciting career opportunities in criminal justice fields, and those who aspire to work in them may wonder if they can get a criminal justice degree online. There are very good criminal justice degree programs online, offering a variety of excellent courses. Online programs allow students to keep up with current obligations while they’re in school. Online education has become very popular for working adults who want to further their education.

Online Degrees Available In Criminal Justice

Students find that they can earn several criminal justice degrees online in varying lengths of time, depending on whether they will complete the courses full-time or part-time. Here are some of the criminal justice degree programs found online:

  • Masters of Science in Criminal Justice – Many programs are about 55 credits and are completed in 12 to 18 months full-time and 24 to 36 months part-time
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Usually requires completion of 180 credits in four years or less
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Criminal Justice degree – Most programs are about 90 credits, completed in one or two years

Students can also find certification programs online. These include certificates with emphasis in corrections, management and supervision in criminal justice, private security and crime scene technician fields. All degrees available online have unique focuses depending on what field students wish to enter after graduation.

Look For Accredited Programs

When considering an online degree in criminal justice, it is smart to look for programs that are accredited. One accrediting organization is the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. This organization awards certification to programs that meet standards for excellence in their academic program in criminal justice education. An accredited program will make sure students are receiving the best quality criminal justice education available online.

While most online criminal justice programs focus on things like the challenges met by people in criminal justice career fields and on aspects like criminology, criminal law, investigations and domestic and international terrorism, not all programs are equal in the quality of their course offerings. Choosing an accredited program is a smart way to earn an online degree in criminal justice, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation is a good place to look for good accreditation organizations.

Criminal Justice Courses Found Online

Some of the courses found online in criminal justice programs vary according to the specialization one wishes to enter after graduating. Some good examples of the online courses available include:

  • Security and Police Administration
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to law
  • Alternatives to prisons and jails
  • Corrections in America
  • Juvenile Justice system

Getting an online degree in Criminal Justice allows a person to enter many exciting career fields. Some of the most popular fields are in municipal and state police departments, sheriff’s departments, probation and parole offices, the juvenile court system, security and loss prevention and residential institution programs. Other graduates find employment in government job opportunities in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Marshals Office, the U.S. Secret Service or through the Department of Homeland Security. Challenges and opportunities are plentiful in exciting career fields in criminal justice.