Can I Get a Job With the CIA With a Criminal Justice Degree?

CIAAre you interested in finding out if you can get a job with the CIA with a Criminal Justice Degree? If you are in the process of choosing a major and you know that you would like to work for the Central Intelligence Agency, it is important to choose a discipline that will give you the knowledge and the skills that you need. A criminal justice degree can prepare students for a variety of different positions in this broad field, and one of those careers may very well be a position with the CIA. Read on and learn more about Intelligence Agents and how you can take the quickest path to land this position.

What Type of Academic Background Will You Need to Join the CIA?

The CIA has strict candidate qualification requirements, and having a high school diploma is a one of the these requirements. While it is not required, it can help push your application along if you have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable traditional or online criminal justice school. With so many different applicants for CIA positions possessing a degree, it is essential to earn a degree to compete. If you do take the time to earn your degree to strengthen your resume for public positions, it is important to verify that the program is accredited. Some may even move on to earn a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in a relevant field to move up the ladder in the CIA more quickly.

Which Degrees Are Preferred?

Now that you know that a degree is optional, but important, the next step is choosing a preferred degree major. Some of the preferred degrees that you can pursue include: Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Criminal Justice. It is very important that the discipline that you study has an emphasis on political science, economics, security studies and law with an international emphasis. You may also want to minor in a foreign language if you want even a better chance to be hired as a bilingual agent. After you pass the first stage of the process, you will still have to pass the Clandestine Service Training Program even when you possess a degree.

How to Find a Reputable Criminal Justice Program

If you would like to work as an Operations Officer, Staff Operations Officer, or a Specialized Skills Officer, now is the time to earn your degree. There are several different programs that you can choose from, and selecting an accredited program is imperative. To do this, you can visit the Department of Education website and search for regionally accredited schools that offer traditional on-campus and online classes. You can also refer to the school’s website and check their accreditation status on their web page. If you go this route, be sure to verify that the credential is one recognized by the Department of Education.

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If you are ready to apply for a position with the CIA, you will need to start by submitting your application online. Be sure to prepare for the process of interviewing and completing your professional training. Practice for your interview and be confident with your human resources recruiter. With hard work, motivation and determination, you can get a job with the CIA with a Criminal Justice Degree.