Can You Earn a Criminal Justice Degree Online?

criminal justiceCriminal Justice is one of the most popular and exciting fields in the entire United States. It’s very common for someone to dream of getting a Criminal Justice degree and going on to work in the field. However, life has a tendency of getting in the way. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to go to class every day at a specific time. Some people are already working enough jobs as it is. Does this mean they should give up on their dream? What about online courses? Contrary to what a lot of people will tell you, it is absolutely possible to get an online degree in Criminal Justice. In fact, Criminal Justice is known for being one of the most popular majors for online students. Criminal Justice lends itself very well to online schooling. For instance, there is an entire branch of law enforcement that focuses solely on cyber crimes. You don’t necessarily need to be in a physical classroom to understand a lot of those concepts. There are multiple different online schools that offer courses and it’s worth looking into. For those that want to pursue a future in the Criminal Justice field and don’t have the freedom or money to attend an actual school, an online degree will be your best bet.

Where Can You Get It

There are many different places that one can obtain an online Criminal Justice degree. ASU, Arizona State University, is renowned for having an excellent online Criminology and Criminal Justice program. In fact, ASU’s Criminology and Criminal Justice program was rated the absolute best online degree program in the nation. For those that want the best education and still want to be able to take online courses, ASU should be on the top of your list.

For those that aren’t entirely sure if they want to take the classes online, Kaplan University is always an option. There are some people that simply can’t get used to the online college lifestyle. Maybe they feel it ends up being too impersonal or they aren’t disciplined enough to do their work and they wind up getting distracted. Kaplan University allows students to experience five weeks of lessons before actually paying for them. This is a great way to get your feet wet and determine if the online schooling system is right for you. Kaplan also has a very high rated online Criminal Justice degree.

Some programs do require students to be online at a certain time of day. For those that want the maximum amount of flexibility, Penn State is the way to go. Penn State’s program allows students to log into their digital classroom during any time of the day to get assignments and contact the professor. Penn State has also been offering distance education for students for over a hundred years, way before the Internet even existed. Penn State is a pioneer for educating students that don’t have the ability to physically go to class.

Bottom Line

The Criminal Justice field is so vast, there are a lot of online schools that offer degrees. Some may find that the education they get from these online courses may even be better than the education they would have received if they went to an actual school for it. Search out all of the options and decide which program fits you the most.