Can You Get a Job With TSA With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Getting a job with TSA with a criminal justice degree is easier than you might think. The Transportation Security Administration is one of the most important government agencies in existence today. Following the events of September 11, 2001, the TSA changed its hiring policies and added new requirements to ensure that travelers remain safe and secure. Your criminal justice degree might set you apart from other applicants.

Education Requirements

The TSA requires different levels of education for different open positions. Screeners are the men and women working in the airports, talking with travelers and screening the bags and luggage that travelers carry. Those applying for screener positions only need a high school diploma or some equivalent of a diploma. Those applying for management positions and other jobs need a bachelor’s degree. Getting a job with TSA with a criminal justice degree is possible when you have a degree from an accredited college or university. This shows that you understand the legal system, took courses on security and know what TSA agents do. You may even find that you have the chance to do an internship with the TSA.

Pass a Criminal Background Check

The TSA hiring process consists of at least three different steps. After you apply for an open position, the TSA will run a criminal background check on your name, birth date and social security number. Also known as the pre-application program, you cannot move forward unless you successfully pass that background check. According to the TSA, criminal offenses that will remove you from contention include murder, terrorism, treason, espionage, threats against public figures or structures or conspiracy to commit any similar crimes.

Go Through the Training Process

To get a job with TSA with a criminal justice degree, you will need to go through a training process after passing the pre-application background check. This training usually includes a combination of field training and classroom experience. Applicants usually spend a few hours every day in the classroom for several weeks before working in the field with a qualified TSA worker. At the end of the training session, the TSA will look closely at the evaluations given to you by other workers and instructors and the scores you received on any tests. After gaining employment, you may need to take other tests and get certification throughout your career.

Pass a Second Background Check

After finishing your training, the TSA will perform a longer and more in-depth background check on you. If the court convicted you of any type of felony within the last seven years, or if you served prison time within the last five years, the TSA will disqualify you from the job. Felonies can include sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, crimes involving guns or battery. The background check will also turn up any warrants listed under your name. If you have an active warrant out for your arrest, the TSA will not hire you.

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The TSA works hard to protect American citizens and anyone else traveling through airports across the country every day. Your experiences as a criminal justice student can help you stand out from graduates who studied other topics, but getting a job with TSA with a criminal justice degree still requires that you pass an in-depth criminal background check and go through a long training program.