How Do You Become a Criminal Researcher?

Criminal ResearcherThe world that we live in provides constant job openings for people who want to become criminal researchers. Before getting into the how’s of this topic, the what’s of it are a good place to start. The job description of a criminal researcher is complex in a variety of ways. Criminal researching is also a multiform vocation. A criminal researcher’s main job is to understand the information as a scientist would by looking at the factors that make criminals behave as they do and finding ways to put an end to those factors. Their methods of prevention are through educating people about the factors that cause criminal behavior and public policy. A criminal researcher must look at things objectively above all else, according to the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

How Do You Become a Criminal Researcher?

First, you must pertain at least an associate’s degree in either paralegal or legal assistant studies, although more reputable law firms may require a four-year degree. The associate’s degree can be given at many community or online colleges. Excellent computer skills are also very important in this line of work.

Research Skills

Learn to research using a variety of platforms, whether it be online or in a law library. You must also study case files. As you look at personal files of criminals, you must be objective. Objectivity is one of the most important skills for criminal researchers. Objectivity is done through looking through the criminal’s eyes to figure out what variables in their life could lead them towards criminal behavior. These variables have a wide range from a childhood of domestic violence to media and what they see on the television. You must objectively look at where the criminal comes from, what may cause his or her criminal behavior, among other facts about them instead of looking at the crimes they commit.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research abilities are another important skill to have. Simply put, quantitative research is studying and analyzing unorganized data and organizing it. It includes recognizing patterns and trends and answering questions brought up by unorganized data. It’s an important skill, because a lot of information that criminal researchers come across will be all over the place and it is their job to put it in order to a degree at which it can be studied and analyzed.


A criminal researchers job is to objectively study data about criminals and essentially finding out what makes them tick. Looking at the situation through the criminal’s eyes rather than law enforcer’s is a crucial part of a criminal researchers job. You can become a criminal researcher by getting educated in the subject, getting internships with law firms and gaining the skills that it takes. Skills such as objectivity and quantitative researching are crucial. Also just overall research skills are equally important. The world will always need criminal researchers and with the right skills and determination, becoming one is well within the realm of possibilities.