What Jobs Are Available in Cyber Crime Investigation?

Cyber CrimeThe number of jobs available in cyber crime investigation increased in the weeks, months and later years following the terrorist attack on New York City in 2001. Though there were a small number of people already working in this field, the number increased as the federal and later state governments realized that investigators could track criminals over the Internet. While some of those jobs are still available with government agencies, you’ll find other jobs available with private companies and public schools.

Government Agent

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI took over the operations of research and investigation in to potential cyber crimes in 2002. The FBI now hires a number of recent college graduates every year to work in its Cyber Division. This division focuses primarily on researching the threat of potential Internet crimes and finding ways to prevent those crimes. Those working in this division deal with crimes ranging from drug trafficking to child pornography. They create false identities in chatrooms that they use to lure criminals into confessing their crimes, and they use different forms of technology to track criminals living in and out of the country.

Emergency Responder

Not all jobs available in cyber crime investigation deal with the prevention of crimes. Emergency responders are the first ones on the scene after a cyber crime occurs. They often work for police departments and government agencies, but they may also work on a freelance basis to help companies and organizations of different sizes. If a company finds that someone hacked the firewall and stole money or credit card information, the responder will go over the computers to look for evidence that will put to the perpetrator. They usually begin the investigation process within a few hours after the crime occurs.

Law Enforcement Agent

If you prefer researching crimes and working on your own, look for jobs in your local law enforcement department. The police department needs cyber crimes experts who can work on a case by case basis. While you might not work 40 set hours each work, you will have the chance to investigate crimes and help the police force when needed. Law enforcement uses investigators to go over the computers and electronics seized as part of a criminal investigation, and they need investigators capable of finding evidence they can use in a courtroom.

Cyber Crime Educator

Some of the jobs available in cyber crime investigation now involve the education of others. Despite so many people using the Internet every day, there are still some who have a hard time finding out how to stay safe online and what to do when a threat occurs. As an educator, you can travel to local schools to talk with kids about the risk of rape, harassment, child pornography and other dangers they face online. You can also use your expertise to educate police officers, government agencies and those working for private companies and non-profit organizations on the dangers of cyber crimes.

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The number of cyber crimes experienced in the United States increased since 9/11, and many companies, agencies and organizations need investigators who can track down the criminals behind those crimes. The jobs available in cyber crime investigation include cyber crime educators, agents working for the police department, emergency responders and special agents working for the FBI and other government agencies.