What kind of international jobs are available in criminal justice?

When looking into the future, many studying criminal justice to do not immediately think about what kind of international jobs are available in the field of criminal justice. However, for the individual interested in seeing the world while making a difference in their chosen profession, there are quite a few international jobs available. In order to find these jobs it is necessary to be aware of the types of jobs you will be looking for, who your potential employer could be and how to best prepare to work internationally while you are studying as well as early in your criminal justice career. 

What Kinds of Jobs Should I Look For Abroad?

There are several types of criminal justice jobs available abroad, and similar to the field in the US, the jobs possibilities are varied. Common jobs that a criminal justice major would qualify for abroad could be that of an investigator for a non-profit organization. These investigators usually deal with problems within the local population that the non-profit is working with. The possible issues could be land use disagreements, custody agreements, and broken contracts. A criminal justice professional is preferred in this role, and would be required to investigate, gather appropriate materials and make a recommendation to the appropriate authorities involved in the case.

Common titles for criminal justice professionals to look for when searching for an international job in addition to investigator are analyst, advisor, or assistant. It is rare that a criminal justice professional would be enforcing the law abroad, as the jurisdiction belongs to the local authorities. However, jobs assisting or advising a developing country’s law enforcement officials are very common.

Who Are The Potential Employers for International Criminal Justice Jobs?

Similar to the several different kinds of jobs available for those who have studied criminal justice, there are many potential employees as well. One legitimate place to begin looking for criminal justice related jobs in the international community is with the United Nations. The UN works on the international level to insure safety and justice for all people groups. There are UN Field Offices all over the world, and starting with the UN can lead to many contacts in criminal justice fields in other countries worldwide.

Other potential employers abroad include non-profits and the United States government. Many non-profits work closely with the UN to ensure peace and social justice worldwide, and a degree in criminal justice can qualify someone for various jobs in this field. The US government hires for State Departments worldwide, and a criminal justice degree, combined with other skills, can qualify you for this type of employment.

Outside of Schooling, How Should I Prepare for an International Job?

Living outside of the US is an adventure, but not everyone enjoys it. To prepare yourself for living abroad, it is recommended that you travel to several different areas prior to moving. Determining if you can work in another culture is important before you commit to move. Additionally, becoming familiar with a foreign language is important for you to be able to function semi-independently abroad. Finally, meeting with other expatriates is a good way to meet other people who enjoy the adventure of living abroad.

There are many rewarding aspects to a criminal justice job, and the possibility of living abroad is one of them. Knowing where to look and how to prepare will help you determine what kind of international job in criminal justice fits you best.

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