What Kind of International Jobs Are Available in Criminal Justice?

When people think of jobs that require travel, they don’t often think of criminal justice. However, there are many varied positions available internationally for someone with a degree in Criminal Justice. Human rights violations are everywhere, and everywhere needs those trained in law enforcement and protection. Many of these jobs are high profile and right under your nose, and what they are might surprise you. You can refer to Criminal Justice Hub for more information on potential positions.


The United States government offers many of these high profile positions, the highest of which is perhaps within the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency works around the world to keep the government well-informed of what’s happening, and also serves as a sort of international police force to bring criminals who have acted against the United States government and fled the country. This position is intense, often requiring undercover work that can range from a short time job to deep cover, meaning all contact with the outside world is cut off; someone in this position becomes their cover.


Another position is in Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization. Made famous by films like Catch Me If You Can, Interpol is much more than what is portrayed in the movies. This organization focuses on hunting down terrorists, human trafficking agents, international art thieves, drug kingpins, and more. While not a police force, per se, Interpol works to manage the world’s collective data on its international criminals and keep local police forces in touch with one another.


The United Nations is another option. Known for their roles in the Darfur situation and other human rights atrocities, the United Nations works to keep peace worldwide by prosecuting war crimes. Other roles the United Nations plays are in border control and kidnapping, and sometimes assisting local law enforcement.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation isn’t always international, but often deals with international criminals. Originally founded as a way of tracking counterfeiters, the FBI now steps in whenever a crime crosses state lines. The act of crossing a state line makes the crime a federal offense, and means federal authorities are able to get involved. FBI are often involved in taking down the mafia, drug runners, and more.


Working for an international law enforcement agency can be a fun and exciting career, but it takes a lot of work and commitment. The type of job it is means you might often be away from home, rarely get to see your family, or in the event that you go under cover, might be forced to cut ties for long periods of time with everyone back home. It’s not the same as it appears in films; the world of international law enforcement is often very dangerous, and only certain types of people are cut out for the job. Before you commit to a decision, take the time to research all the possibilities available to you. Understand that learning a foreign language, or even multiple languages, is often a requirement for a position like this. However, if you feel it is right for you, international criminal justice can be a rewarding and satisfying career.