What Types of Jobs Are Available With the Secret Service With a Criminal Justice Degree?

The types of jobs with Secret Service with a criminal justice degree available to students range from uniformed positions to administrative positions. Though you might assume that Secret Service agents work for the U.S. President and his family, those agents also defend and protect other government leaders both from America and from overseas. The Secret Service is also responsible for tracking counterfeit money and bringing down those responsible for creating and passing that money. While finding out the type of jobs available with the Secret Service, you also need to look at the steps associated with getting one of those jobs.

Demonstrating Competency Before Getting a Job

According to the United States Secret Service, those with a college degree qualify for its special agents and uniformed agents job, but all applicants must go through a three step process that begins with demonstrating your competency. You need to fill out a questionnaire that asks you a series of questions about your background and history. You then need to take either the Special Agent Entrance Exam or the Police Officer Selection Test. The last stage in this process is the passing of the Applicant Physical Aptitude Test.

Security Check

If you want to get a job with the Secret Service, you must also pass the second stage security section. This begins with a panel interview, which is similar to any type of job interview, followed by a conditional offer for a job. If you accept that job, you must go through a security interview and a credit check. All applicants must also go through a polygraph test, a medial exam and a background test before receiving a full job offer.

Other Requirements of the Job

It can take between four and six months from the time you begin the application process to the date the Secret Service officially offers you a job. Depending on the jobs with Secret Service with a criminal justice degree that interest you, the hiring process may take even longer. The last stage in the hiring process for all jobs is a meeting with a hiring panel. Comprised of people working for this government agency, the meeting gives the panel the chance to ask you questions not covered by the other stages. If you pass that stage, you’ll receive a full job offer.

Types of Jobs

The types of jobs with Secret Service with a criminal justice degree you might apply for include uniformed and special agent positions. If you receive a job offer, you’ll start out working as part of a team. After showing that you can handle the duties of the job, you might work your way up to protecting more important political figures. The Secret Service also hires those with a criminal justice degree to work in administrative positions, including as managers and field officers. If you are a veteran or have military experience, you may qualify for a higher paying job as a new recruit.

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The Secret Service features two different departments. One department deals with counterfeit money, while the second department protects political figures. The type of jobs with Secret Service with a criminal justice degree you qualify for include jobs in both departments, but you’ll still need to go through each stage in the hiring process and pass a physical fitness and medical exam and other tests.