What Makes a Killer?


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What Makes a Killer?

U.S. gun deaths are off the charts, let’s see why.

30,570 people die per year to guns. [5]
that’s 1/5th more than our revolutionary war deaths[4]
6x how many soldiers died in the Iraq War
And nearly 14x the deaths in the war in Afghanistan
Every year…

Population 130 million
120,000 gun owners
400,000 registered guns
7 gun murders (2011)
9 deaths by scissors (2011)

Population 314 million
52 million American household gun owners[7]
260 million owned guns

Firerarm Ownership (2005)[11]
Reason for ownership
-Protection against crime-67%
-Target Shooting-66%

11,078 Gun murders (2010)[6]
19,392 Gun Suicides (2010)

Points of Contention:
Mental Health, Gun Control, Right to own weapons

Shooting sprees:
Most shooting sprees in the U.S. are from legally owned guns:
55/67 obtained weapons legally (1980-present)
And Mental illness:
65/67 shooters had mental health issues (1980-present)

Of the 29 deadliest shootings since 1999:[1]

Half were in the workplace

All but one were between the ages of 17 and 48.

20/29 shooters took their own lives, leaving motives uncertain.

[3]Criminal risk factors: history of abuse, ineffective parenting, sadistic streak, self-centeredness, lack of compassion.


Suicide deaths now outnumber motor vehicle deaths in America. [8]
Leading Causes of Death (2010)[10]
1. Diseases of heart
2. Cancer
3. Chronic lower respiratory disease
4. Strokes
5. Accidents
6. Alzheimer’s disease
7. Diabetes
8. Nephritis
9. Influenza and pneumonia
10. Suicide

With most suicides from firearms:[9][6]
19,392 Gun Suicides
9.493 suffocation suicides
6,599 poisoning suicides
2880 Other
Total: 38,364 total suicides



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