5 Websites for Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal justice covers all topics related to crime, including everything from how to deal with people suspected of crimes to what may cause people to commit them. As a result, if you’re majoring in Criminal Justice, you’ve got a wide range of classes that you can take as well as numerous options for what career path you want to follow.

Listed below are some online resources that may help you determine what role you want to play in the criminal justice system as well as some places to find information that will help you with your classes.

Careers in Criminal Justice

If you’re majoring in Criminal Justice, you have a number of choices for what type of job you would like to have. With your major, you’ll have the option to pursue a career as a law enforcement agent at the local, state or federal level. You’ll also have the option of taking a position as a border patrol agent, bailiff or criminal profiler, and you can also seek a role in the legal system. The Criminal Justice website provides a comprehensive list of job options for individuals and details what they involve, the job market and average salaries for each position.

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences is an organization that was established in 1963, and its members are mix of scholars, professionals within the justice system and students. The goal of the organization is to promote education, research and policy analysis of criminal justice topics, and the website offers a comprehensive list of online resources. Individuals may also become members, which gives people the ability to network with established professionals in the community as well as access to the ACJS Employment Bulletin.

U.S. Census Bureau Criminal Justice Statistics

The U.S. compiles a variety of statics about issues related to criminal justice, including criminal justice expenditures, parole, probation and inmate deaths. Data is collected from agencies within the U.S. Department of Justice, and methodologies and data collection efforts are detailed. Along with providing raw data, the site also links to published studies and papers that were created based on information made available by the Census Bureau. This data can be a great resource, allowing you to collect and analyze information about trends at the national level.

Bureau Of Justice Statistics

This is another great website to visit if you need to look up data and statistics for school, but it can also be a valuable resource even after you finish your education. The website provides very detailed information related to the justice system, such as statistics for crimes, jail populations and data about victims. Additionally, you can find information that relates to arrests, incarcerations and convictions at the state level, and there is data about federal crimes on the site as well. The site also provides legal definitions for a number of terms and phrases used in research.

StudyBlue Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, Student Study Guide

Whatever someone’s major, it’s important to have a good resource to study from that covers a wide range of subject matter. While data from the government about issues related to criminal justice can be quite valuable, there are still a number of concepts, processes and terms that you will need to learn. This website offers numerous study guides on a variety topics related to criminal justice. Users also have the ability to create their own guides and flashcards and share them with others.

These links should help you figure out exactly what type of path you want to choose for your future. Additionally, many of the listed resources may be valuable even after you have graduated.

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