Top 10 iPhone Apps for Criminal Justice Majors or Professionals

From police officers to attorneys to private investigators, criminal justice professionals are increasingly turning to technology to assist them in being more productive in their jobs. Whether you are a professional in the field of criminal justice, or a student working on your degree, you’re sure to find something interesting in this list of the top ten criminal justice related apps we have compiled here.

law stack for iphone

1. LawStack

This app is a large collection of legal documents conveniently on your phone! It features documents including The U.S. Constitution, state codes, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and many more. LawStack also has a few helpful features such as offline access, bookmarking, saved search terms, and the ability to search the full text for keywords.


5 0 radio scanner for iphone

2. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite is an app that allows you to listen in on live police, aircraft, emergency, firefighter, railroad, and marine radios. This is helpful because it can inform you about current major crimes in your area, as well as any important news or events. This app is able to run in the background, so you can do other things with your phone while listening to the feeds.


blacks law dict for iphone

3.Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition is the most frequently cited law book in the world; it is the standard legal dictionary. It holds over 45,000 terms and offers alternate spellings or expressions that mean the same thing. If you don’t know how to pronounce something, you can use the audio pronunciation feature for thousands of terms.


fafa for iphone

4. Field Agent Fingerprint App

This app is purely for fun, but it’s entertaining to trick your friends into believing that you can check on their fingerprints, especially for criminal justice students fond of practical jokes. Field Agent Fingerprint App says that it can check if a person’s fingerprints are in the FBI database. All you have to do is place a finger on the screen, and then enter your “FBI badge number”. This number actually lets you control the match result.


timewerks for iphone

5. Timewerks: Mobile Billing with PDF Invoice

Timewerks: Mobile Billing with PDF Invoice is an app for anybody who needs to track time, send invoices, and keep track of materials. Perfect for the professional who works by billable hours, this app can track several clients and projects, email or print invoices, customize different rates, calculate sales tax, create and view information without a network connection, and much more.


dui warning for iphone

6. DUI Warning and Test Instructions

This app has detailed instructions for giving a Field Sobriety Test, as well as a .08 chart. It features a nighttime display of the instructions. These instructions include the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, the Walk and Turn, and the One Leg Stand. The .08 chart allows you to see how each drink affects a person’s blood alcohol level.


readdledocs for iphone

7. ReaddleDocs

ReaddleDocs is a document reading app. You are able to collect documents from any source, including web sites, iDisk, email attachments, Dropbox, and many more. It supports Microsoft Office documents, so that you can view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. The app also lets you share files through email.


crime reports for iphone

8. CrimeReports

CrimeReports give you real-time information on neighborhood crime as well as sex offenders. It lets you search by location and date. It also lets you search by the type of incident. You can view information either on a map or in list view. It is completely free to sign up, and you have the option to receive email alerts about crimes.


court days for iphone

9. Court Days – Date Calculator for Lawyers

Court Days allows you to compute the amount of court days, calendar days, and weekdays between two dates. You are also able to enter your own custom court holidays in, which is very useful if you cannot find your jurisdiction in the default database. With this app, you can also easily send the results of your date calculations through email.


police codes for iphone

10. Police Codes

Police Codes is an app that allows you to easily reference codes such as medical and fire codes, police 10 codes, police 11 codes, police penal codes, and scanner color codes. It can be useful if you would like to know what is actually happening when listening to a police scanner. It can also be quite entertaining to understand what is going on during a crime show on Television.