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5 Ways Americans are Bullied by the Government

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The editors at Top Criminal Justice Schools decided to research the topic of:

5 Ways Americans are Bullied by the Government

Controlling the Internet: Thou shalt not share information at will

- SOPA/PIPA allows the government to decide what is seen on the internet
- aka Censorship
- aka Unconstitutional (1st amendment - freedom of speech)
- Aaron Swartz - "Cyber Robin Hood" and co-founder of Reddit
- Reddit initiated a cyber "blackout" after the SOPA/PIPA bill passed
- shut down their website and encouraged others to do the same in protest of the bill
- Swartz was arrested on allegations of breaching an MIT computer network
- Allegedly illegally downloaded 4.8m articles from the JSTOR archive
- faced a possible 35-year prison sentence
- $1m fine if convicted in trial slated for spring 2013
- "Swartz was targeted by the FBI - strip-searched and tailed by agents." - friend Roy Singham
- Swartz committed suicide on Jan 11, 2013
- 6 days short of the 1 year anniversary of the online blackout

Raw milk - Thou shalt not give thy neighbor a glass of milk

- Michigan was the first state to require pasteurization of all dairy products sold in a public place
- 1987: FDA mandated pasterization of all milk and milk products for human consumption
- 17 states allow sale of raw milk ONLY on the farm where the milk is produced
- 4 of the 17 restrict sales to only incidental occurrences (not on a regular basis)
- 16 states allow sale in stores separate from the farm
- UT requires the store to be owned by the producer
- 18 states completely prohibit sale of raw milk
- Reason: It is impossible to harvest sterile milk from an animal

Marijuana: Thou shalt not grow or smoke this type of leafy green (but others are ok...)

- Propaganda claims that marijuana causes insanity and murderous impulses
- Pot has been legal for most of human history
- Lawmakers may not have known the facts when making this decision
- California was the first state to outlaw marijuana: 1913
- Also the first state to legalize it: 1996
- Marijuana was outlawed in 30 states by 1930
- Medical marijuana is now legal in 18 states
- the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws projects that 13 more states may be legalizing pot in the next 12 months

Homeland Security: Thou shalt inform thine government of all private conversations

- the NSA is building a $2 billion data center to crack and store the complete contents of
- private emails
- cell phone calls
- Google searches
- Misc. personal data
- Capable of storing a yottabyte of data (equal to 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 pages of text.)
- Operation "Stellar Wind" - eavesdropping on US phone calls and email
- All suspicious communication is automatically recorded
- All further communications from that individual are then recorded
- 2001: Stellar Wind recorded 320m calls per day
- 2006, NSA tapping gear found in AT&T San Francisco station
- "there are 10-20 around the country"
- 2007, NSA gained warrantless access to 2.8+ trillion of AT&T's detailed billing records.

TSA: Thou may be personally violated during travel...for your safety.

- Nude body scanners were set to be added to every US airport in the next two years
- The device, developed by Genia Photonics, scans on the molecular level
- detects every molecule on a person from 164 feet away
- Displays a realistic image of the person's body
- In 2013 TSA said it would remove it's "Nude" body scanners because the developers failed to make passenger images less revealing
- TSA bullies a pregnant woman
- One worried mother requested a pat down because of concerns about the scanner
- She ended up in a glass cage
- Another pregnant woman requested a scan because she did not want to be touched
- They accused her of having traces of explosives on her hands
- She was forced into a back room for a pat down
- She was allowed to board her plane after her entire body was groped
- All her information was written down without explanation

Armed Drones: Thine own government may target and kill you

- Polls show 83% of Americans approved of Obama's drone strikes overseas
- Approval falls to 65% if the suspects are American citizens
- NBC's Michael Isikoff revealed confidential "white paper"
- Lays out criteria for drone killing American citizens
- These citizens are suspected "operational leaders" of al-Qaida
- Criteria does not include intelligence indicating involvement in plans of attack on the US
- The gov't justifies attacks if the person poses an "imminent threat"
- There is not published definition of how "imminent" it has to be
- According to the "white paper":
- A gov't official may determine that targeted American has been "recently" involved in threatening "activities"
- It does not define "recently" or "activities"