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10 Ways To Cover Up A Murder

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10 Ways to Cover Up a Murder

At Top Criminal Justice Schools, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the murder from the murderers perspective. So why are you here reading this? Maybe you've been watching too many murder dramas (Dexter anyone?). Maybe you admire mastermind serial killers. Or maybe you're just giving advice to someone with an itchy trigger finger. Whatever your reason, you want to know how to get away with murder, and when you're done here you may be able to do just that. DNA

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1. DNA is the surest way to get caught.

  • Do not leave ANY DNA behind.
  • Commit your crime in a place that is likely to have a lot of DNA from strangers.
  • The oxygen-producing (oxygen bleach) detergents are best.


2. The large number of crimes committed are committed by someone close to the victim.

  • Pick someone at random.
  • 24.2 percent of victims were slain by family members
  • 34.6 percent were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends
  • 53.8 percent were killed by someone they knew


3. Where am I?

  • Commit the crime in another town.
  • Don't travel so far that you can be connected because you took a trip - just far enough that you are outside of the main area of interest to the police.
  • Don't be on the road for hours before the crime, as you may become tired.
  • Don't be in the area when the big investigation begins.
  • Choose a good area without a lot of traffic.

Type of Crime

4. Chose your crime carefully. Make sure it is something that can be committed day or night.

  • Shooting - 39.6% in US
  • Stabbing
  • Bomb
  • Poison
  • Burning
  • Crucifixion
  • Striking

There were 14,299 murders in 2008

  • 66.3% from guns
  • 14% from stabbing
  • 4% from blunt object
  • 7% used their hands


5. This is where most criminals get caught (linked to DNA).

  • If your crime involves any kind of weapon, use it and drop it. Leave it at the scene.
  • Leave the body there. Do not touch the body at all. Do not move the body and do not try to hide the body.
  • Do not take anything from the body.
  • Wear the proper gear.
  • Clean up.


6. Timing is everything.

  • The best time to commit a crime is in the very early hours of the day when most people are asleep.
  • Look like you are not out of place on the street.


7. How are you going to do it and what will you need?

  • Thick gloves.
  • Do not use anything you own and do not buy brands you normally buy unless they are very generic brands.
  • Shop out of town in large department stores
  • Pay in cash.
  • Destroy any receipts or shopping bags.
  • After the crime is committed, destroy everything you bought as quickly as you can.
  • Buy your tools at least 1 month before committing the crime.


8. It is good to have an alibi.

  • Plan an out of town trip and book everything with your credit card.
  • Stay in a hotel with no cameras.
  • Sign up for an event to attend.
  • In the early hours travel to the place of your crime, commit it, and return.
  • Return home the next day.

The Getaway

9. You're almost in the clear!

  • The best mode of transport is by bike. This will enable you to get off the roads if you need and to travel quickly.
  • You do not want to be seen on the street walking (remember, the Zodiac nearly got caught this way).
  • Fit in with your surroundings.
  • Have a solid story.


10. What happened?

  • Do not watch the television and avoid the papers for at least a month. The police can use these as tools to try to psych you out.
  • Continue about your everyday life.
  • Do not brag about your crime to anyone. Don't tell a soul.
  • If you do get arrested, do not speak.
  • The police need evidence to convict you - if you have done the job right, there won't be any.