Welcome to Top Criminal Justice Schools. Our mission is to help you find the best Criminal Justice Degree Program for you.  We’re also here to help you explore Criminal Justice Careers including learning about how to get a job in the Criminal Justice field and how much Criminal Justice graduates make in their careers of choice.

The Best Criminal Justice Schools

The field of Criminal Justice is a highly competitive one, with many more applicants per job opening than in many other industries. Graduates from top Criminal Justice Schools have a higher chance of being hired for the more desirable jobs. Learn all about the best Criminal Justice Programs right here. Our editors review and rank Criminal Justice schools and degree programs, and highlight the best of the best programs in a variety of areas.

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How to Get Into Criminal Justice School and Get a Criminal Justice Degree

Getting into college is no easy task these days, and getting into a top Criminal Justice program is no exception. We provide articles on finding schools that are a good fit for your needs in the first place, as well as resources on how to prepare for the SAT, the top internships for Criminal justice majors, and exploring flexible options in online criminal justice schools.

The Best Criminal Justice Internships

Many large government organization such as the FBI and DEA have outstanding internship programs offering thousands of students valuable on-the-job exposure to a particular career within the field of criminal justice. However, many smaller state and local governments offer internship programs closer to home or your university. Check out our article on Top Internships for Criminal Justice Majors.

What to do with your degree from a Criminal Justice School

In the end, it’s all about a satisfying career that pays the bills and provides a comfortable living, right? So we’re serious about providing you info on how to get jobs in the most popular areas of the criminal justice industry, with articles like How to Become a Forensic Toxicologist, How to Get a Job in Homeland Security, and How to Get a Job in Cyber Security.