Can I Get a Job With The FBI With a Criminal Justice Degree?

FBICriminal justice graduates have a number of great job opportunities available, but a large number of them often seek to get a job with the FBI with a criminal justice degree. This might simply be because there are so many unique and exiting opportunities available with this sprawling federal agency, and its available positions use a large number of the crucial criminal justice skills taught in today’s degree programs. Criminal justice professionals considering the Federal Bureau of Investigation as their long-term professional home can choose from agent positions and more, based on where they wish to be located, how much travel they prefer to undertake, and even what level of fitness they bring to the agency upon being hired.

FBI Police Positions are a Great Start

The most obvious place for a criminal justice graduate to start their career with the FIB is with the agency’s own police force. Far from being just another state or local force, this group of law enforcement professionals helps to protect FBI buildings, especially the headquarters located outside of Washington, DC. The FBI police force also oversees the development, implementation, and training process required to create emergency and terrorism response plans. They may be asked to do vehicle inspections, individual inspections of those working at or visiting an FBI facility, and protection of entryways and other access points. Their ability to help plan and coordinate emergency response procedures is perhaps the most exciting and important part of the job, and one that criminal justice graduates will be quite equipped to handle.

FBI Agent and Special Agent Positions

While the FBI police force is certainly the best immediate fit for criminal justice graduates, most have their mind set on something a bit more flashy in terms of daily responsibilities and title: agent positions. The FBI typically hires two types of agents, noted as FBI Agent and FBI Special Agent. Most FBI agents work within a local FBI facility or the national agency headquarters, heading investigations into white collar crimes, breaches in security, or the whereabouts of the agency’s “most wanted” criminals. Sicne their work rarely takes them out into the field, employment requirements for these agents are a bit less stringent. That makes it easily accessible for recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree, who will require only a bit of on-the-job training prior to being fully capable in this role

An FBI Special Agent position is far more demanding and involves more work in the field. In fact, most of the work undertaken in this capacity is done outside of an office and on the scene of crimes or criminal apprehensions. As a result, special agent hires must be either experienced FBI agents, graduates of a master’s degree program in criminal just or a similar field, and in excellent physical health. The FBI will actually require new hires to undergo a special agent fitness test and, if they fail this test, their offer of employment in this role will be rescinded due to their inability to perform at the highest possible level. In many cases, poor fitness could actually be quite dangerous.

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Exciting Opportunities Abound in the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Getting a job with the FBI is the ultimate goal of many with a criminal justice background. With a number of unique positions available and plenty of training on after being hired, it’s competitive, but actually quite logical, for skilled professional to get a job with the FBI with a criminal justice degree.