What Informational Assurance Jobs are in Criminal Justice?

Informational AssuranceThere are many exciting Informational Assurance jobs in Criminal Justice available. Some of these jobs are to be found in the private sector and others in the government. Below introduces the field of Information Assurance and what jobs are available.

What is Information Assurance?

Information Assurance involves certain online security subjects, such as cyber-crime, -security and -forensics. It also includes data privacy, accuracy and quality. In fact, the field of Information Assurance concentrates on the sharing, storage and transmission of data and information. Information Assurance jobs are involved in every aspect of these activities.

What are Typical Information Assurance Courses?

All Information Assurance programs will begin with network and host computer security courses. They will also offer a course on LAN design, installation and maintenance. Introduction to cryptography, digital forensics and data loss prevention will follow. Other important courses will include Information Assurance administration, software systems risk management. Finally, there will be classes on e-commerce security and cyber-security laws. Informational Assurance jobs in Criminal Justice can easily be obtained with the right education.

What are Typical Online Crimes?

According to the FBI, network intrusions, identity theft and fraud are the most common online crimes. Companies and governments are at constant risk of data breaches that involve private consumer information, confidential industrial secrets and sensitive state secrets. For example, many savvy criminals now simply commit virtual crimes through hacking into the networks of financial institutions. Even worse, the mobile phone revolution means that hackers are now taking advantage of mobile banking technology vulnerabilities to steal money and personal information.

Information Assurance Analyst

These entry-level professionals help run the different security systems and programs that keep companies safe. They will continually install patches, upgrades and computer and network hardware. They will also work with senior Information Assurance experts to maintain flexible and sound network designs and infrastructures. They will perform basic intrusion detection and control protocols and tasks. This involves continually inspecting all inbound and outbound network data and activities. If there is an actual network intrusion or data breach, they will assist senior IT and Information Assurance professionals with the appropriate counter actions, data recovery and investigation. Many Information Assurance Analysts work for large corporations or private security companies.

Cyber-Security Incident Responder

These professionals are integral members of the Information Security team. They are tasked with protecting the company against threats through continual monitoring, threat validation and incident response. They must collect and analyze data in order to present a risk management report for management. They also independent act by responding to data breaches and security incidents. They must stay on the cutting edge of cyber intelligence trends and technologies. They must also have excellent organizational and communication skills because they often must translate complex computer and networking data into user-friendly information for non-IT professionals to understand.

Security Engineer

A security engineers’ main responsibility is to evaluate computer and networking hardware and products. The goal is to maintain the highest level of compliance with security requirements. Security engineers are often assigned projects that have specific needs and deadlines. They must continually review hardware documentation and compare it with their company’s network security requirements. Some security engineers will conduct training workshops with internal management and their external clients. These IT professionals usually have an educational background in computer engineering and networking. They often work for major corporations or government agencies, such as the NSA or CIA.

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To recap, Information Assurance is an integral part of many Criminal Justice careers. There are excellent Informational Assurance jobs in Criminal Justice available for students who are interested in both IT and security.