How to Get a Job in Cyber Security

The new age of technology should encourage us to understand how to get a job in cyber security. All people who use the computer for whatever purpose should be concerned with cyber security. Whether one is a frequent user or not, threats will not discriminate.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is about protecting all the information stored in a computer and other digital memory device against malicious intent. Malware can enter a computer system without warning to explore its weakness and infect it resulting to considerable slow-down or complete shut-off of the system. Hackers can steal information from people and use it to their benefit and to the detriment of the real owners of the information.

Malicious intent seeks to either disturb or destroy what is otherwise a sound computer system. These activities are done by perpetrators just to cause inconvenience to many or gain material and financial advantage from the security breach. These actions are calculated to affect specific computer systems or in random. Many scam artists ply their trade online, waiting for unsuspecting victims to come their way.

Career Opportunities

Cyber Security can be attained through different ways. One way is to secure the system by design. This means opting for programs that have been designed with security as a priority. Concerns about cyber security can be addressed by cyber security professionals acting in different capacities.

Some of the available positions for those who have chosen to specialize in cyber security include working as network administrator, systems administrator, and support specialist. With an appropriate educational foundation, the desired career can be obtained. Gaining relevant experience is essential to finding a good job in the field. It is a good idea to take short certification courses just to remain updated with current developments. Specializing in a related field such as cyber forensics can widen career options for the job seekers.

Educational Foundation

Cyber security professionals are expected to be able to perform a variety of functions including timely response to sophisticated cyber attacks, precise gathering of data and evidence for the purpose of prosecuting cyber criminals, professionally coordinating the organization’s information security preparedness program, properly educating users on matters pertaining to computer security, installing security software, and monitoring for security breaches in the network. To be able to do all these, cyber security professionals must have solid foundation of knowledge and skills.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance can provide the fundamentals in which a promising career can be built on. Students can choose to concentrate in Cyber Crime Investigations and Forensics or Information Assurance. Programs in Cyber Security typically include courses in basic computer software security, network security, network administration, and the fundamentals of various operating systems and environments.

People with advanced degrees in computer science or system design are usually sought out by software companies, consulting firms, and the government for job positions. Due to the nature of the job, degree programs in cyber security will most likely include courses in criminal justice, ethics, and business. That is how to get a job in cyber security.