Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Degree Programs in Arizona

Arizona has been and continues to be an attractive destination for many within and outside of the United States. Arizona has a positive and friendly business environment, making it quite attractive to businesses across the country. Arizona is one of the less safe states of the nation, however. Its total crime rate is higher than the national average, and violent crime has risen significantly over the past several years. Even so, most areas of Arizona are quite safe and peaceful. The state remains attractive to business and the state’s leadership strives to keep Arizona business-friendly and so maintain positive economic growth.

An accredited bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degree program provides a sound foundation in knowledge of the various components of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, the court system, and corrections. Within each of these components there are many factors spanning legality, regulations, psychology, community involvement, and others. Public administration also is a primary focus of criminal justice study, and a criminal justice degree program provides education and training in that aspect of criminal justice function. An accredited program will include study in leadership, ethics, public policy, and organizational management.

Arizona State University

School of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Founded in 1885, Arizona State University is a large public university that maintains both on-ground and online classes and degree programs. Its total undergraduate enrollment is nearly 42,000. The physical campus is urban and comprises 661 acres. U.S. News and World Report ranks Arizona State University at 129. The School of Criminology & Criminal Justice is staffed with distinguished and accomplished faculty and takes pride in its research productivity and usefulness to the broader criminal justice community. It offers one of the leading Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Arizona State University offers its Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice in person at four locations as well as completely online. The program begins with introducing the foundations of criminal justice and criminology and focuses on developing astute critical thinking, contributing to society, and enhancing public safety. The university offers two course format options. Students can select either a 7.5-week or 15-week course format according to their individual needs. Classes are available during the day, at night and online.

The program also offers internship opportunities as well as opportunity to study abroad, preparing students to work in any of the various areas of criminal justice. The program also prepares graduates to continue in graduate programs in criminal justice or related areas.


Arizona State University

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

411 N. Central Ave. Ste. 600

Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 496-2356

Undergraduate on campus:

Undergraduate online:

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Grand Canyon University

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Grand Canyon University is one of Arizona’s leading private universities. It is a Christian school based on Christian doctrine. Founded in 1949, the school incorporates biblical ethics in teaching and in application of the education gained at the university. Grand Canyon University’s physical campus is in Phoenix, where there are 31,000 students and a very low 16.1 student-faculty ratio. Nearly half of the school’s classes have no more than 20 students. U.S. News and World Report lists Grand Canyon University on its list of Best Colleges and Regional Universities (West), Tier 2. Grand Canyon University provides one of the leading Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona.

Bachelor Of Science In Justice Studies

Grand Canyon University offers its Bachelor Of Science In Justice Studies either at its physical campus or fully online. In-person classes are offered on a 15-week schedule; online classes are 7 weeks. The university’s program provides a foundation in various aspects of law and how they affect the criminal justice and legal system. Students learn the basics of constitutional, natural, statutory, and case law. Students also study cyber crime and strategic policing within a framework of ethical leadership. The program offers legal training so that students emerge with a sound knowledge of all aspects of the justice system.


3300 West Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85017

(855) GCU-LOPE [(855) 428-5673]

Program Website

Northern Arizona University

Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ)

Located in Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University offers a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona. Founded in 1899, Northern Arizona University is a public university with an undergraduate enrollment of more than 25,000. Its campus is an urban one and is situated on 740 acres. Northern Arizona University is one of the more affordable Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona and also offers its program online.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Operating on a semester system, Northern Arizona University offers its Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice in a physical classroom, online, or in a blend of each. Northern Arizona University provides study in law enforcement, courts, corrections, criminal investigation, and other common areas of study, but it also offers study in human rights, global justice, and gives special focus to southwest and Native American justice.


5 E. McConnell Drive

PO Box: 15005

Flagstaff AZ 86011-5005


Program Website

University of Arizona

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

One of the largest public institutions in Arizona, the University of Arizona was founded in 1885 and currently has an undergraduate population of 33,732. It is a highly regarded institution and ranks at number 124 in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges in National Universities. The University of Arizona offers a broad range of academic and extracurricular activities for its students. Among those participatory opportunities are intramural sports accommodating the needs of athletes at all fitness and competitive levels. The less physically inclined can choose from many targeted student organizations, including more than 30 fraternities and sororities.

At the University of Arizona, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) houses many of the disciplines that collectively fall into the category of “society.” SBS focuses on coming to understand humans, their social structures, and cultures through a variety of means, structures, biology, governments, and social norms. Interdisciplinary study is a hallmark of the college.

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Studies

This program major educates students in the foundations of criminal justice ranging from crime initiation to adjudication to punishment systems. Studies include mental health law, law enforcement, juvenile justice, court proceedings, corrections management, and a variety of other pertinent applications. Students also are trained and educated in leadership, ethics, policy formation, and organizational management. The school intends for students successfully completing the program to be competent in critical thinking in an increasingly politicized society within the frameworks of legality and social justice.


The University of Arizona

P.O. Box 210028

Tucson, Arizona 85721-0028

(520) 621-1112

Program Website

Criminal justice is a rapidly growing area that continues to expand as needs increase and there appears to be new horizons of criminal activity to overcome. Cyber crime is an example; in Arizona, immigration issues also are of increasing concern. A bachelor degree in criminal justice is valuable both for the individual and for society. These programs offer not only some of the best Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona but also in the entire country.

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