Is The Pay Scale Higher With a Criminal Justice Degree With The Specialization of Public Safety?

Many professionals have found that a criminal justice degree provides an opportunity to earn a good living while taking advantage of better than average job security. Some wonder, though, whether they can increase their pay by specializing in public safety. Given the opportunity to choose a specialization, students can increase their earning capacity when they add on a public safety specialization. Though the number suggest that the boost in salary is very small, people taking on this additional specialization can expect to earn a little bit more money.

A Public Safety Focus Makes Getting Police Jobs Easier

When looking for the best field after securing your criminal justice degree, you may look to becoming a police officer. People with public safety specializations have a much easier time landing police jobs both in cities and in county sheriff’s departments. This can increase your earning potential dramatically, as police officers tend to make more money than other people with criminal justice degrees. According to data from Payscale the average officer makes close to $60,000 per year. Students who want to tap into this cash source can help themselves by getting that focus. It is possible, however, to secure a police position without this specialization.

Heightened Competition For Police Jobs

Some police jobs are becoming more competitive with the job market hurting. People have turned to police work to get on a track that helps them earn. The heightened competition for police jobs means that you might need to take on a specialization in public safety to set yourself apart from other job seekers. This is especially true if you live in areas with small police forces. It can be easier, for instance, to get a job in Houston or Atlanta, where police forces are growing to keep up with population growth. In smaller cities or towns, the competition for jobs is fierce, and a public safety specialization may be a necessity.

Public Safety Specialization To Move Up The Ranks

One of the things to know about a public safety specialization is that it will give you more of a foundation in administration. Most criminal justice degree programs give students the knowledge that they need to operate on the ground level. Public safety specializations provide a background on the big principles of policing. You will learn about policy, and this can help you move up the ranks in your police force. Moving up will help to increase your earning capacity, as police captains and chiefs tend to make much more money. In many of these places, the jobs have a political element. If you want to be competitive for these positions, then you have to have the educational background to compete with other qualified professionals. The stakes are high, too, as getting into these high-level positions can mean a six-figure salary.

For people who want to make the most money with their criminal justice degree, it might be wise to take on a specialization in public safety. This can increase your salary potential in the beginning, and it will certainly increase your salary over the long run. If you have any dreams of rising to the top of the food chain, a public safety specialization can make sense.