How to Get a Job in Information Security

Know how to get a job in information security and maximize your career potential in the field. The information system is composed of three main components namely hardware, software, and communications. Information is said to be secure when it has confidentiality, integrity, availability, and are protected in the physical, personal, and organizational layers. Pursuing a career in information security is in line with the current job market trends.

What is Information Security?

Information security is essentially about the protection of information and its system against unauthorized access, inspection, perusal, use, modification, disclosure, recording, disruption, or destruction. The tremendous amount of information gathered by governments, corporations, businesses, hospitals, financial institutions, and even the military becomes a major concern against the basic right to privacy when this information is appropriated for self-serving activities of cyber criminals.

There are legal and ethical repercussions of having the right information fall into the wrong hands. Serious security breaches can cause the untimely downfall of businesses while identity theft can make life difficult for ordinary people. As convenience increases, so does the risk of intrusion and invasion of privacy. Information security seeks to prevent a possible problem, correct an existing problem, and anticipate future problems.

Risk Management

Risk Management is closely related to information security because industry experts acknowledge the fact that risk will always exist in computer use no matter how users protect themselves from threats. Information security therefore opts for manageable risks as opposed to uncontrolled ones that can create untold havoc and damage to any system.

Managing risks will involve identifying vulnerabilities as well as threats so that appropriate counter measures can be provided. It should be noted that vulnerabilities and threats may easily be substituted by another even before the previous ones are properly addressed. It is important to assess the risk faced by companies so that information security professionals can do their work to address this need.

Getting a Job in Information Security

Information security jobs are available to bachelor degree holders in the IT field with specialization in information security. Communication and interpersonal skills are critical because of the necessity of communicating information security policies to employees who are not IT professionals. The right bachelor’s degree program should be able to address this particular skill requirement since courses in communication form part of the curriculum.

There are at least four high-earning job positions available to information security professionals in the current job trends. Qualifying for these positions would depend on educational background, length of experience, and professional capability. These job positions include Information Security Crime Investigator; System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester, Director of Security; and Security Expert Software Developer. These jobs can provide the desired satisfaction, salary, and career advancement opportunities sought by many.

Job-hunters who are seeking high-level positions should concentrate on attaining extensive experience in the field since it is the only way to obtain mastery and expertise in the field. Consider lower-level or entry-level jobs to gain access to the industry. If you know how to get a job in information security, you will eventually end up in your desired career.