How to Get a Criminal Justice Degree Online

It pays to know how to get a criminal justice degree online since people who are discouraged by traditional on-campus degrees due to time and location constraints will know that there are other options for them. An online criminal justice degree program is made available to many students regardless of geographical location and timeline. Aside from full-time students, working professionals can also avail of the program at their convenient time. There is nothing to prevent people from accomplishing their educational and career goals as long as they are willing to give time to the endeavor.

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Prospective students at online criminal justice schools are individuals seeking entry-level employment opportunities in the field of criminal justice as well as those seeking career advancement in law enforcement, corrections, private security, and other related fields. Essentially, people who wish to take an active role in ensuring safety in the community are good candidates for this program.

Students who are intent on pursing criminal justice studies online can make an online request for information through the chosen school’s official website. Instructions for the inquiry and admissions process are typically clear and simple and can easily be followed by applicants. The exchange of relevant information between the school and the applicants is done through an Online Admissions Representative.

Applicants must complete and submit requirements for the application to be processed. An online demo of the classroom experience is usually provided to give students a glimpse of the online study environment. The applicant is also required to complete an interview. An application fee will have to be paid. Inquiries as to possible financial assistance can be coursed to the Financial Aid Officer, since Admissions Advisers are generally not permitted to discuss financial matters. International students may be required to provide additional documentation to be admitted to the school.

Program Curriculum for Online Study

An online bachelor’s degree would typically require students to complete a definite number of credits consisting of Core Courses, Major Courses, Electives, and Emphasis Courses. Major Courses usually include courses in Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, Criminology, Criminal Investigation, Computer/Technology/and Criminal Justice Information Systems, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law for Criminal Justice, Applied Criminal Justice Ethics, and Research Methods in Criminal Justice. Emphasis Courses vary depending on the chosen concentration.

Students are advised to choose a regionally accredited college or university to ensure that the time and money spent will not be wasted. Some degrees may require on-campus attendance or require actual training in addition to online study such as for law enforcement degrees. Colleges and universities usually charge a technology fee per term for their online programs.

Online Criminal Justice Schools

Some of the schools offering online criminal justice degree programs are Everest University Online, American Intercontinental University Online, Remington College, Chancellor University Online, Rasmussen College, Colorado Technical University Online, Keiser University eCampus, US Career Institute, Ashford University Online, Lincoln College Online, Salem University Online, Virginia College Online, Kaplan University, and many others. These schools can help prospective students better understand how to get a criminal justice degree online.