What Types of Jobs Are Available in Cyber Security With A Criminal Justice Degree?

Cyber SecurityAs the Internet continues to endure increasing threats to information security and integrity, the number of cyber security jobs available with a criminal justice degree continues to grow. Today’s criminal justice degree holders are likely to find a wide array of jobs that range from actual prosecution of cyber criminals to oversight of corporate security policies and public service jobs that look at national security for government agencies at the state and federal levels. Before beginning a job search, consider the most common areas of specialization and hiring in the growing area of cyber security and cyber criminal prosecution.

Government Jobs: Cyber Security in the Public Sector

One of the biggest areas of hiring for cyber security and criminal justice professionals is the public sector. The sheer number of agencies and opportunities in this area should be daunting to the typical criminal justice expert: Federal jobs include cyber security opportunities at the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. State agencies also hire criminal justice experts to oversee the security of state information systems and processes, while local and state police departments are always looking for individuals who can help them investigate cyber crime, build a case against anyone accused of such crimes, and aid in the prosecution of known cyber criminals who post a threat to government agencies and individuals alike.

Corporate Security Policy Oversight

Another great opportunity for criminal justice grads is the ability to verse the implementation and endurance of corporate security. Using their criminal justice background and their likely knowledge of cyber crimes, professionals in this area will also be able to monitor for intrusions and more ably track down offenders who either attempt to steal key data or actually succeed in committing that type of crime. Professionals in this area may also work with law enforcement agencies or federal agencies when dealing with a large-scale data or information breach, since crimes will likely range from the hacking itself to identity theft and exploitation. As a key part of the corporate security team, and as the go-between that exists between corporate information and the law enforcement agencies who track down cyber criminals, this role is one of sustained growth and importance in the private sector.

Cyber Crime Investigation Services

Detectives have long been on the front lines of traditional crimes, but today cyber security is the area looking for highly competent detectives at an unprecedented rate. Those who wish to succeed in this particular field should have a solid understanding of the criminal justice system as well as an educational background in network security, computer science, information technology, or information systems. These dual skill sets will often intertwine as investigators try to find the identity of a hacker, their present location, their potential victims, and any other information that might be necessary to bring them to justice and protect those victimized by the crime.

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Cyber Crimes Have Created a Robust Market for the Right Professionals

Those criminal justice professionals with a background or interest in technology have a wealth of opportunities waiting for them in the cyber security industry. According to Network World, whether it’s a high-ranking job with federal agencies, public sector work with state governments, or corporate security and investigation work, there are a large number of cyber security jobs available with a criminal justice degree that protect today’s consumers from serious information and identity theft risks across the board.