25 of the Weirdest Laws in the U.S.


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Arrested for … WHAT?!

The Top 25 Weirdest Laws in the U.S.

Did you know that if you try to pump your own gas in Oregon, you could be risking a visit from the police? Crossing state lines sometimes means entering a whole new world of prohibited behavior that you’d never imagine. Here is a list of the 25 strangest laws in the country: laws that beg the question, “What went wrong to make THAT a law?!”

25. Alabama
It is illegal in Lee County for a person to sell peanuts after sundown on Wednesdays.
24. University City, Missouri
It is illegal for four women to rent an apartment together.
23. Detroit, Michigan
Letting your pet pig run free in the streets is illegal unless it has a ring in its nose.
22. Las Cruces, New Mexico
One may not carry a lunch box down Main Street.
21. Alaska
It is illegal for a person to view a moose from an airplane.
20. Marion, Oregon
One may not walk backward while eating a donut on any city street.
19. Arizona
It is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs.
18. Logan, Utah
It is illegal for women to swear.
17. Arcadia, California
Peacocks always have the right of way on streets and even private driveways.
16. Acworth, Georgia
It is illegal not to own a rake.
15. Indiana
Liquor stores are prohibited from selling milk.
14. Omaha, Nebraska
It is illegal for men with shaved chests to run around.
13. Vermont
Women may only wear false teeth with permission from their husbands.
12. Wyoming
Taking a picture of a rabbit from January to April without an official permit is illegal.
11. New Britain, Connecticut
Fire trucks may not exceed 25 mph, even when hurrying to a fire.
10. Virginia
It is illegal to tickle a woman.
9. Minneapolis, Minnesota
It is illegal to drive a red car down Lake Street.
8. North Dakota
Falling asleep anywhere with your shoes on is illegal.
7. Kentucky
Dyeing a duckling blue and selling it is illegal, unless you are selling more than six blue ducklings at once.
6. Iowa
Men with mustaches may never kiss women in public.
5. Derby, Kansas
It is illegal to hit or pound on a vending machine that stole your money.
4. South Berwick, Maine
Parking in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts building is illegal.
3. Washington
It is illegal for people to pretend that their parents are rich.
2. Texas
The whole Encyclopedia Britannica is outlawed because it contains a recipe for making beer at home.
1. Louisiana
It is illegal to shoot lasers at police officers.

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